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One Kingdom Wey Be Like Big Tree

One Kingdom Wey Be Like Big Tree

One night, King Nebuchadnezzar dream one dream wey make am fear. E come call im elders and juju priest and tell dem sey make dem tell am wetin the dream mean. But dem no fit tell am wetin the dream mean. Last last, e come tell Daniel.

Nebuchadnezzar tell Daniel sey: ‘I see one tree for my dream. The tree tall well well sotey e reach heaven. People dey see am from anywhere for the earth. The tree get fine fine leave and many fruit. Different animal dey rest under am, and bird make their house on top am. Na im one angel come from heaven. E talk sey: “Cut the tree down and cut the branch comot. But leave the part wey remain and the root for ground. And use iron and copper take tie am. The tree mind go change from human being own to animal own, and e go be like that for seven years. Everybody go come know sey na God dey rule and sey e fit give the kingdom to anybody wey e want.”’

Jehovah show Daniel wetin the dream mean. But when Daniel know wetin the dream mean, e come dey fear. E sey: ‘My king, I for like am if to sey this dream no be about you but about your enemy, but the truth be sey, na about you. Na you be the tree wey dem cut down. Dem go comot you for king and you go chop grass for farm like animal. But because the angel sey make dem leave wetin remain and the root, you go be king again.’

After one year, Nebuchadnezzar dey waka for the roof of im palace dey look how Babylon fine reach. E talk sey: ‘See the big and fine city wey I don build. See as I get level!’ As e dey talk, one angel talk for heaven sey: ‘Nebuchadnezzar! Your kingdom don comot for your hand.’

Na once Nebuchadnezzar start to dey craze, e come be like animal wey dey bush. E come comot for im palace go stay with animal for bush. Nebuchadnezzar hair come grow like eagle  feather and im finger nail long like bird own.

After seven years, Nebuchadnezzar head come correct again. Jehovah come make am king for Babylon again. Na im Nebuchadnezzar sey: ‘I praise Jehovah wey be king for heaven. Na now I don know sey na Jehovah dey rule. E dey make people wey dey carry shoulder bring theirself down, and e fit give im kingdom to anybody wey e want.’

‘To carry shoulder up dey wound person, and na person wey dey carry body dey fall for ground.’​—Proverbs 16:18