One night, King Nebuchadnezzar get one kind dream wey e no know wetin e mean. The dream worry im mind well well sotey e no fit sleep again. E come call all im juju priest and tell dem sey: ‘Tell me wetin my dream mean.’ Dem tell am sey: ‘O king, tell us wetin you dream.’ But Nebuchadnezzar tell dem sey: ‘Lai lai, make una tell me wetin I dream, or I go kill una.’ Dem tell am again sey: ‘Tell us wetin you dream, we go tell you wetin e mean.’ Nebuchadnezzar come tell dem sey: ‘Una dey try use my head. Make una tell me wetin I dream!’ Dem come tell am sey: ‘Nobody go fit tell you wetin you dream. Wetin you want make we do no fit happen.’

Nebuchadnezzar vex for dem well well sotey e sey make dem kill all the elders and juju priest wey dey Babylon. That one mean sey dem go still kill Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. As Daniel hear am, e tell the king make e give am small time. Their four come pray to Jehovah make e help dem. Wetin Jehovah come do?

Jehovah show Daniel the dream and the meaning for vision. The next day, Daniel go meet the king servant tell am sey: ‘No kill all the elders and juju priest. I fit talk wetin the king dream mean.’ The servant come carry am go meet Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel come tell the king sey: ‘God don show you wetin go happen for front. Make I tell you your dream, you see one big image and dem make e head with gold, dem use silver make e chest and e hand, dem use copper make e belle and e lap, dem use iron make e leg and dem use iron and clay  make e feet. One stone come from mountain come nack the image feet. The image scatter like powder and breeze blow am comot. The stone come be big mountain wey cover the earth.’

Daniel come still tell am sey: ‘Wetin your dream mean be sey: Na your kingdom be the head wey be gold. The silver na the kingdom wey go come after your own. The one wey be like copper go rule the whole earth. The next kingdom go strong like iron. The last one be sey one kingdom go divide into two, some part strong like iron and some part weak like clay. The stone wey come be mountain na God Kingdom. E go scatter all this kingdom and rule forever.’

Nebuchadnezzar come bow down for Daniel front tell am sey: ‘Na your God show you wetin the dream mean. No God be like am.’ Instead of am to kill Daniel, e make am oga among the elders and e come be ruler for Babylon. You no see as Jehovah take answer Daniel prayer?

‘Dem come gather dem together for one place wey dem dey call Armageddon for Hebrew language.’​—Revelation 16:16