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Nebuchadnezzar Destroy Jerusalem

Nebuchadnezzar Destroy Jerusalem

Judah people no continue to dey worship Jehovah. Many times, Jehovah try to help dem. E send many prophet go warn dem, but dem no gree hear word. Instead of dem to change, dem start to dey use Jehovah prophet do yeye. How Jehovah take stop dem to dey serve juju?

King Nebuchadnezzar wey be Babylon king dey win different different country for war. The first time wey e fight Jerusalem, e catch King Jehoiachin, the elders, soldiers and people wey sabi work well well. E carry dem go Babylon. E still carry all the better things wey dey Jehovah temple. E come make Zedekiah king for Judah.

Zedekiah first dey obey Nebuchadnezzar. But some prophet and people for other country wey near Jerusalem come dey advise am sey make e no obey Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah warn am sey: ‘If you no obey, people go die, food no go dey and sickness go full Judah.’

After Zedekiah don rule for eight years, e come sey e no go obey Nebuchadnezzar again. E call Egypt soldier make dem come help am. Na im Nebuchadnezzar send im soldier go fight dem for Jerusalem and surround the city. Jeremiah tell Zedekiah sey: ‘Jehovah sey if you surrender to Babylon, you and people wey dey the city no go die. But if you no surrender, Babylon people go come burn Jerusalem and carry you as prisoner.’ Zedekiah tell am sey: ‘I no go surrender.’

 After one and half year, Babylon soldier enter Jerusalem and burn am. Dem burn the temple, kill many people and carry many many people as prisoner.

Zedekiah run as dem dey scatter Jerusalem, but Babylon soldier pursue am. Dem catch am when e don run near Jericho and dem carry am go meet Nebuchadnezzar. King Nebuchadnezzar carry Zedekiah come outside make e see as dem dey kill all im pikin. After that one, Nebuchadnezzar blind im eye and put am for prison. E later die for there. But Jehovah promise Judah people sey: ‘After 70 years, I go carry una come back to Jerusalem.’

Wetin go happen to all the young people wey dem carry go Babylon? Dem go continue to hold Jehovah tight?

‘Jehovah God wey get power pass, the way you dey judge dey correct and righteous.’​—Revelation 16:7