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Ezra Teach People God Law

Ezra Teach People God Law

E don reach about 70 years wey many of Israel people don go back to Jerusalem. But some of dem still dey stay different town for Persia. One of dem na Ezra wey be priest. E dey teach people Jehovah Law. Ezra hear sey people wey dey Jerusalem no dey follow God Law, so e want go help dem. Artaxerxes wey be Persia king tell am sey: ‘God give you sense so that you go teach im Law. Go, carry anybody wey want follow you.’ Ezra come go meet all the people wey want go back to Jerusalem. Dem pray sey make Jehovah protect dem as dem dey travel go Jerusalem. As dem pray finish, dem start to dey go.

After four months, dem reach Jerusalem. The elders wey dey there come tell Ezra sey: ‘Israel people don do wetin Jehovah no like and dem don marry women wey dey serve juju.’ Wetin Ezra come do? E kneel down for front of the people pray sey: ‘Jehovah, you don do many things for us, but we don do wetin you no like.’ The people come repent, but after some time dem start to dey do bad bad things again. Ezra come choose elders and people wey go dey judge and help dem. Before three months finish, dem don pursue people wey no dey worship Jehovah comot.

Twelve years come pass, by that time dem don build Jerusalem fence again. Ezra come gather people for where dem dey gather and start to dey read God Law for dem. As Ezra open the book, the people stand up. E praise Jehovah and dem raise their hand to show sey dem support all wetin e talk. Na im Ezra come dey read and explain the Law for the people. The people listen well well. Dem come gree sey dem don leave Jehovah, and dem start to cry. The next day, Ezra still read other place for the Law for dem, dem come see sey dem go soon do the Festival of Booth. Dem come start to dey prepare for the festival.

 For seven days wey dem take do the festival, dem praise and thank Jehovah because dem harvest many many plant well well. Since Joshua time, dem never do Festival of Booth like this one. After dem do the festival finish, the people come gather pray to Jehovah sey: ‘Jehovah, you free us from slave, you give us food and water for desert and you give us this fine land. But everytime we dey do wetin you no like. You dey send prophet come warn us, but we no dey gree listen. But you still dey patient with us. You do wetin you promise Abraham. Now we don promise sey we go obey you.’ Dem write their promise down. The elders, Levite and priest come sign am.

‘People wey dey hear God Word and do am go dey happy.’​—Luke 11:28