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Dem Put Daniel for Where Many Lion Dey

Dem Put Daniel for Where Many Lion Dey

Another king wey rule Babylon na Darius wey come from Mede. The king see am sey Daniel different from all im people. E come make Daniel oga of all the people wey get level for Babylon. All of dem come dey jealous Daniel sotey dem want even kill am. Because dem know sey Daniel dey pray to Jehovah three times everyday, dem tell Darius sey: ‘O king, make one law wey go make everybody dey pray to only you. We go throwey anybody wey no follow the law for where many lion dey.’ The king like wetin dem tell am, na im e sign the law.

As Daniel hear the new law, e go im house. E come kneel down start to dey pray for front of the window wey open. The people wey dey jealous am come see am dey pray as dem enter im house. Dem come run go tell the king sey: ‘Daniel no dey obey you. E dey pray to im God three times everyday.’ But the king like Daniel well well and e no want make Daniel die. E use the whole day think how e fit take save Daniel. But the bad thing be sey, even the king no go fit change the law wey e  don sign. E come tell im servant sey make dem put Daniel for where the hungry lion dey.

That night, King Darius mind no settle and e no fit sleep because e dey think about Daniel. When morning reach, e run go where the lion dey, come talk sey: ‘Your God save you?’

The king hear one loud voice. Na Daniel voice! E tell the king sey: ‘Jehovah angel close all the lion mouth. Dem no kill me.’ The king happy well well! E come tell im servant make dem comot Daniel for there. Nothing do Daniel. The king come sey: ‘Put all this people wey lie for Daniel head for where the lion dey.’ As im servant throwey dem for where the lion dey, the lion chop dem.

The king come sey: ‘Everybody must fear Daniel God. E save Daniel from lion.’

Like Daniel, you dey pray to Jehovah everyday?

‘Jehovah know how e go take comot people wey dey serve am from trouble.’​—2 Peter 2:9