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Jehovah Witness People

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Lesson Wey You Fit Learn From Bible

Wetin Dey Part 1

Wetin Dey Part 1

The book of Genesis tell us about the things wey God make, and e help us see the fine fine things wey Jehovah make for heaven and for this earth. If you be papa or mama, help your pikin see the different different things wey God make. Let am know sey the way God take make human being dey different from animal because we better pass dem. For example we dey fit talk, think, sing, pray and dey even use our sense make things. Help am see the kind sense and power wey Jehovah get and even the kind love wey e get for everything wey e make​—and the love wey e dey show us one one.



God Make Heaven and Earth

Bible sey na God make heaven and earth. But wetin make am make one angel before e make everybody and everything?


God Make the First Man and Woman

God make the first man and woman and e put dem for garden of Eden. E want make dem born pikin and make the earth paradise.