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Jehovah Witness People

Nigerian Pidgin

Lesson Wey You Fit Learn From Bible

The book talk about wetin God make, wetin happen when dem born Jesus Christ, the preaching wey e do, and when God Kingdom go come.

Letter Wey Come From the Governing Body

How you go take use this book?


God Make Heaven and Earth

Bible sey na God make heaven and earth. But wetin make am make one angel before e make everybody and everything?


God Make the First Man and Woman

God make the first man and woman and e put dem for garden of Eden. E want make dem born pikin and make the earth paradise.


Adam and Eve No Obey God

Wetin dey special about one tree for garden of Eden? Wetin make Eve chop fruit from that tree?


E Vex Kill Im Brother

God like Abel sacrifice but e no like Cain own. When Cain see sey na so e be, e vex well well and e do bad thing.


Noah Ark

When bad angels marry women for this earth, dem born pikin wey get power well well like giant and dem dey cause wahala for other people. People come dey do bad things for everywhere. But Noah no do like dem​—e love God and e obey am.


Na Only Eight People No Die

The heavy rain fall for 40 days and 40 nights. Noah and im family stay the ark pass one year before dem come fit come out.


Dem Build Tall House for Babel

People come sey dem want build one house wey tall reach heaven. Wetin make God make dem speak different different language?


Abraham and Sarah Obey God

Why Abraham and Sarah leave everything wey dem get, come go be stranger for Canaan?


Sarah Don Born Pikin!

How God go take do wetin e promise Abraham? Which of Abraham pikin e want use​—Isaac or Ishmael?


Lot Wife No Obey Jehovah

God use fire and sulfur wey fall like rain take destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Why God destroy the two city? Why e good make we remember Lot wife?


Jehovah Test Im Faith

God tell Abraham sey: ‘Abeg, go use your only pikin do sacrifice for me for the mountain wey dey Moriah.’ How Abraham go take face this test for im faith?


Na Jacob Come Get the Property

Isaac and Rebekah get twins, their name na Esau and Jacob. Because na Esau dem first born, na im suppose get the property as senior pikin. Wetin make am throwey am because of ordinary plate of stew?


Dem Settle Their Quarrel

Wetin Jacob do wey make am fit get blessing from one angel? And how e take settle with Esau?


One Slave Wey Obey God

Joseph do wetin correct, but e suffer well well. Why?


Jehovah No Ever Forget Joseph

Even if sey Joseph no dey with im family, God show sey e dey with am.


Who Job Be?

E worship Jehovah even when things hard for am.


Na Jehovah Moses Worship

When dem born Moses, e no die because im mama get better plan.


The Bush Wey Fire Dey

Why fire no burn the bush?


The First Three Things Wey God Take Punish Egypt

Pharaoh bring wahala for im people because e too stubborn to do wetin God talk.


The Next Six Things Wey God Take Punish Egypt

How this things wey God take punish Egypt take different form the first three?


The Last Thing Wey God Take Punish Egypt

This thing wey God take punish Egypt people pain dem well well, sotey Pharaoh wey dey make mouth let dem go.


The Miracle Wey Happen for Red Sea

Pharaoh survive the ten things wey God take punish Egypt, but e survive the miracle wey God do?


Israel People Promise Jehovah

Israel people promise Jehovah when dem dey the mountain wey dey Sinai.


Dem No Do Wetin Dem Promise

As Moses go take the Ten Commandment, the people do bad thing.


Tabernacle​—Place Wey Dem for Dey Worship God

The ark of the covenant dey this special tent.


Twelve People Wey Hide Go Look Canaan

Joshua and Caleb different from the other ten people wey hide go look Canaan.


Dem Challenge Jehovah

Korah, Dathan, Abiram, and 250 other people no gree believe sey na Jehovah choose Moses and Aaron.


Donkey Wey Talk

The donkey see who Balaam no fit see.


Jehovah Choose Joshua

Wetin God tell Joshua go fit still help us today.


Rahab Hide People Wey Come Look the Land

Jericho fence come dey scatter. But Rahab house no scatter, even though sey e dey fence.


Joshua and Gibeon People

Joshua pray to God sey: ‘Sun, no comot!’ God answer the prayer?


One New Leader and Two Women Wey Get Mind

After Joshua die, Israel people come start to dey serve juju. Dem suffer well well, but Jehovah use Barak, Deborah, and Jael with im pin take help dem


Ruth Hold Naomi Tight

Two women wey their husband don die, go back to Israel. One of the women, Ruth, start to dey work for farm, na there Boaz for see am.


Gideon Win Midian People

After Midian people suffer Israel people well well, dem beg Jehovah make e help dem. How Gideon small soldier take win 135,000 Midian soldier?


Hannah Beg Jehovah for Pikin

Elkanah carry Hannah, Peninnah, and im pikin go worship for tabernacle wey dey Shiloh. Na there Hannah for beg Jehovah for pikin. After some time, e born Samuel.


Jephthah Promise Jehovah

Wetin Jephthah promise, and why? Wetin Jephthah pikin talk when e papa tell am wetin e promise Jehovah?


Jehovah Talk to Samuel

High priest Eli two pikin dey work as priest for tabernacle, but dem no dey obey God law. Young Samuel dey different. One night Jehovah talk to am.


Jehovah Give Samson Power

God give Samson power make e fight Philistine people, but when Samson do mistake, Philistine people catch am.


The First king Wey Rule Israel

Jehovah give Israel people judge wey dey lead dem, but dem sey dem want king. Samuel make Saul Israel first king, but Jehovah later comot the kingdom from e hand. Why?


David Kill Goliath

Jehovah choose David as Israel next king, and David show wetin make am be the right person.


David and Saul

Wetin make one of this men hate the other one, and how the one wey dem hate behave?


Jonathan–Better Friend Wey Get Mind

The king pikin come be David tight friend.


King David Do Bad Thing

One bad thing wey person do bring big wahala.


Solomon Build Temple for Jehovah

God like wetin King Solomon ask am, and e bless am well well.


Jehovah Divide the Kingdom

Many Israel people stop to dey serve Jehovah.


Jehovah Show Sey Na Im Be the True God

Who be the true God? Jehovah or Baal?


Jehovah Give Elijah Power

You think sey Jehovah go fit still help you?


The Pikin Come Back to Life

Two miracle for the same house!


God Punish One Wicked Queen

Jezebel plan to kill Naboth because e want thief im farm! Jehovah God see the bad things wey e do.


Jehovah Save Jehoshaphat

Jehoshaphat wey be good king pray to Jehovah when other country want come fight Judah.


The Soldier and the Small Girl

One small girl wey come from Israel dey tell im madam about Jehovah strong power​—wey dey make people well.


Jehovah Horse and Chariot Wey Fire Dey

How Elisha servant come take see sey people wey dey with dem many pass people wey dey with Syria.


Jehoiada​—Priest Wey Get Mind

One priest wey serve Jehovah well no gree for one wicked queen.


Jehovah Dey Patient With Jonah

Wetin make big fish swallow one of God prophet? How e take comot? And wetin Jehovah make am know?


Jehovah Use Im Angel Save Hezekiah

Sennacherib sey Jehovah no go save Judah, but e no correct!


Josiah Love God Law

Na eight years Josiah be when dem make am king for Judah, and he help im people make dem worship Jehovah.


Jehovah Send Jeremiah Go Preach

Wetin prophet Jeremiah talk make the elders for Judah vex well well.


Nebuchadnezzar Destroy Jerusalem

Because people for Judah continue to dey worship juju, Jehovah leave dem.


Four Boys Wey Obey Jehovah

Young people wey come from Judah ready to continue to hold Jehovah tight, even when dem dey the king palace.


One Kingdom Wey Go Rule Forever

Daniel tell Nebuchadnezzar wetin the dream wey e no understand mean.


Dem No Gree Bow Down for the Image

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego no gree bow down for the king image wey e use gold make.


One Kingdom Wey Be Like Big Tree

Nebuchadnezzar see wetin go happen to am for front for im dream.


One Hand Dey Write for Wall

Which time dem see this hand writing wey dem no understand, and wetin e mean?


Dem Put Daniel for Where Many Lion Dey

Dey pray to Jehovah everyday like Daniel.


Esther Do Wetin Save Im People

Even though Esther na Jew wey no get papa and mama, e come be queen.


Ezra Teach People God Law

After Israel people listen to Ezra finish, dem promise God.


Dem Build Jerusalem Fence Again

Nehemiah hear sey im enemy dey plan to come fight Jerusalem. Wetin make am no fear


Elizabeth Don Born Pikin

Wetin make the angel tell Zechariah sey e no go fit talk until e born the pikin?


Angel Gabriel Visit Mary

E tell Mary wetin change im life.


Angel Make People Know Sey Mary Don Born Jesus

The people wey dey take care of sheep hear when the angel sey dem don born Jesus. Dem come rush go Jerusalem.


Jehovah Save Jesus

One wicked king want kill Jesus.


Wetin Happen When Jesus Dey Young?

How Jesus take make people wey dey teach for the temple surprise?


John Preach Sey the Messiah Dey Come

When John grow, e come be prophet. E teach people sey the Messiah dey come. How people feel when e preach to dem?


Jesus Come Be Messiah

Wetin John mean when e sey Jesus na God Lamb?


Devil Come Test Jesus

Na three times Devil test Jesus. Which three things Satan take test Jesus? How Jesus take answer am?


Jesus Drive People Wey Dey Do Business for Temple

Wetin make Jesus drive all the animal for the temple and scatter the table of people wey dey change money?


The Woman Wey Come Draw Water for Well

One Samaria woman wey dey draw water for Jacob well, surprise sey Jesus dey follow am talk. Why? Wetin Jesus tell am wey e never tell anybody before?


Jesus Preach About God Kingdom

Jesus tell some of im disciples sey e go make dem dey ‘catch men alive.’ Later, e come train 70 of im disciples to preach the good news.


Jesus Do Many Miracle

Anywhere Jesus go, people wey dey sick dey come meet am make e help dem, and e dey make dem well. E even bring one small girl wey don die come back to life.


Jesus Choose 12 Apostles

Wetin make Jesus choose dem? You still remember their name?


Jesus Teach People for Mountain

Jesus teach many people wey gather better lesson.


Jesus Teach Im Disciples How to Pray

Which kind things Jesus sey make im disciples continue to dey ask?


Jesus Give Many People Food Chop

Wetin this miracle teach us about Jesus and Jehovah?


Jesus Waka for Top of Water

How you think sey the apostles go feel when dem see this miracle?


Jesus Open One Man Eye for Sabbath Day

Why e be sey no be everybody like wetin e dey do?


Jesus Bring Lazarus Come Back to Life

When Jesus see as Mary dey cry, e come start to dey cry. But dem no cry tey, before dem start to dey happy.


The Last Passover

Jesus teach im apostles fine fine lesson as dem dey chop their last food together.


Dem Catch Jesus

Judas Iscariot and many people wey carry sword and stick go the Garden of Gethsemane, make dem for catch Jesus.


Peter Sey E No Know Jesus

Wetin happen for front of Caiaphas house? And wetin happen to Jesus for inside the house?


Jesus Die for Golgotha

Wetin make Pilate sey make dem kill Jesus?


Jehovah Bring Jesus Come Back to Life

After some days wey Jesus die, wetin come happen?


Jesus Appear to People Wey Dey Catch Fish

Wetin Jesus do wey make the disciples know sey na im?


Jesus Go Back to Heaven

Before e go, e tell im disciples some other things wey dem go dey do.


God Give Jesus Disciples Holy Spirit

Which miracle holy spirit make dem do?


Dem No Let Anything Stop Dem

Pharisee and other people wey kill Jesus want stop the disciples to dey preach. But their plan no work.


Jesus Choose Saul

Saul na person wey dey give Christian wahala well well because e hate dem, but that one go soon change.


God Give Cornelius Holy Spirit

Why God tell Peter sey make e go Cornelius house, even though sey e no be Jew?


The Good news Reach Different Different Place

Apostle Paul and people wey join am start the preaching for far far place.


Person Wey Dey Guard Prison Learn About God

Why dem put Paul and Silas for prison? How person wey dey guard prison take learn about God?


Paul and Timothy

Their two work together as friend and dem preach together for many years.


Dem Send Paul Go Rome

Apostle Paul face many wahala for road, but e no let anything make am weak.


The Things Wey John See

Jesus show am different different things wey go happen for front.


‘Make Your Kingdom Come’

The things wey Jesus show John show how God Kingdom go change our life for the earth.