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Which Kind Person Jesus Be?

Which Kind Person Jesus Be?

Na Jehovah send Jesus come this world. 1 John 4:9

E get another person wey we go hear wetin e dey talk, if we want make Jehovah happy. E don tey wey Jehovah make this person for heaven before e come make Adam. This person na the first angel wey God make for heaven and e get power well well.

As time dey go, Jehovah do miracle come carry this angel life put for one woman belle wey dey live for Bethlehem. This woman name na Mary, and e never sleep with man before. As e born the pikin, e call am Jesus.—John 6:38.

When Jesus dey this world, e dey do like im Father. E get better mind, e love people well well, and people no dey fear to near am. Even self, e dey tell people about Jehovah.

 Jesus do better thing, but people still hate am. 1 Peter 2:21-24

Jesus make people wey dey sick well and e bring people wey don die come life again.

The Scribe and Pharisee dem hate Jesus well well because e dey tell people sey wetin dem dey teach na lie lie and wetin dem dey do no good.

This Scribe and Pharisee people tell the soldier wey dey Rome sey make dem beat Jesus. Na the soldier dem still kill am.