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Which Time Paradise Go Come?

Which Time Paradise Go Come?

All the bad things wey dey happen now show sey e no go tey before God Kingdom go come. Luke 21:10, 11; 2 Timothy 3:1-5

Bible don talk am sey all this bad things wey dey happen today go happen. E talk sey people go like money no be small, pikin no go dey hear word, people go wicked well well, and dem go like enjoyment pass anything.

Bible still talk sey ground go dey shake-open (earthquakes), people go dey fight war, food no go dey, and sickness go full everywhere. True true, all this things dey happen now.

Jesus even talk sey, everywhere for this world, people go dey preach about the good things wey God Kingdom go do.—Matthew 24:14.

 God Kingdom go comot all bad bad things. 2 Peter 3:13

Small time, Jehovah go kill all the bad people wey dey for this world.

Jesus go chain Satan and the demons.

All the people wey do wetin God dey talk go enter Paradise where nothing go make dem fear again and dem go love theirself well well.