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Jehovah Witness People

Nigerian Pidgin

Why E Good Mek We Learn Bible?

Plenty plenty people don dey get answer from Bible to many many question about life wey dey worry dem. You sef go like get the answer?

How We Dey Help People Learn Bible?

For everywhere, people sabi sey Jehovah Witness People dey help people learn Bible matter. See how dem dey do am.

Wetin Dey Happen for Our Kingdom Hall?

Go the Kingdom Hall mek you take your eye see am.

Tell Us Mek We Come Study Bible With You

Learn wetin Bible talk for the time and place wey you want.

Meeting wey Jehovah Witness People Dey Do

Find where Jehovah Witness People dey meet and how dem dey serve God.

2017 Jehovah Witness for the Whole World Service Year Report

See the report of Jehovah Witness preaching work for the whole world from September 2016 go reach August 2017.

Things Wey You Fit Know About Us for the Whole World

  • 240​—Country dem wey Jehovah Witness People dey

  • 8,457,107​—Jehovah Witness People

  • 10,071,524​—The people wey we dey teach Bible now

  • 20,175,477​—People wey join us remember Jesus death

  • 120,053​—Congregation wey dey