Doorgaan naar inhoud

Doorgaan naar inhoudsopgave

What Means the Most to Me

What Means the Most to Me


  1. 1. What are the things that I value,

    The things that mean the most to me?

    What are the things that will help me to be—

    To be the person I want to be?

    With each new day there are choices to be made.

    Sometimes the choice will need to be a trade.

    The time I have can never be replaced.

    The steps I take can never be retraced.

    That’s why I want to choose carefully

    And choose what really means the most to me.

    How will I honor Jehovah,

    The one who means the most to me?

    I’ll give the best I can offer to him.

    And he deserves the best I can be.