Videos About Main Idea Inside Bible Book

Important information about each book of the Bible.

Main Idea Inside Genesis

Genesis tell us about how human life, suffering and death started

Main Idea Inside Exodus

God free the Israelite them from Egypt, and he made them his own people.

Main Idea Inside Leviticus

See how Leviticus talk about God holiness and why it important for us to be clean.

Main Idea Inside Hosea

Hosea prophecy contains important lessons for us today about Jehovah’s mercy to those who repent from their sins and the type of worship he want from us.

Main Idea Inside Joel

Joel prophesied about the coming “day of Jehovah” and show us how we can survive. His prophecy is especially important for us today.

Main Idea Inside Amos

Jehovah used this humble man to do an important work. What valuable lessons we can learn from Amos example ?

Main Idea Inside Obadiah

This book is the shortest book in the Hebrew Scriptures. The prophecy give us hope and tell us how Jehovah will prove that his kingship is right.

Main Idea Inside Jonah

The prophet accepted correction, carried out his assignment, and was taught an important lesson about the loyal love and mercy of God. You can learn from what happened to him.

Main Idea Inside the book of Micah

This prophecy from God can build up our confidence that Jehovah can only tell us to do what we able to do and can benefit us.

Main Idea Inside Nahum

The prophecy gives us confidence that anything Jehovah say will happen and that God can provide comfort for all who seek peace and salvation under his Kingdom.

Main Idea Inside Habakkuk

We can be very sure that Jehovah always know the best time and the best way to save his people.

Main Idea Inside Zephaniah

Why we must be careful not to think that Jehovah’s day of judgment will not come?

Main Idea Inside Haggai

The prophecy show why it is important to put worshipping God ahead of our own interest.

Main Idea Inside Zechariah

Plenty inspired visions and prophecies encourage God’s people in the past. These same prophecies are helping us to know that Jehovah is supporting us today.

Main Idea Inside Malachi

It is a prophecy that shows that Jehovah’s mercy, love, and principles can not change. The prophecy also give important lessons about things that are happening in our day.

Main Idea Inside Matthew

Enjoy learning simple information about this Bible book, the first book of the four Gospels.

Main Idea Inside Mark

The book of Mark is the shortest book of the four Gospels. It gives us some idea about what Jesus will do in the future when he is King of God’s Kingdom.

Main Idea Inside Luke

What are some information that only the Gospel of Luke has but the other Gospels do not have?

Main Idea Inside John

John’s account clearly shows Jesus’ love for mankind. It also shows how he was humble and that he was the Messiah​—⁠the future King of God’s Kingdom.

Main Idea Inside Acts of Apostles

Early Christians worked hard to make disciples of people of all nations. The Bible book of Acts can increase your zeal and interest for the ministry.

Main Idea Inside Romans

Inspired direction about how Jehovah cannot pick and choose, and why it is important to have faith in Jesus Christ.

Main Idea Inside 1 Corinthians

Paul letter get inspired counsel about unity, good behavior, love, and belief in the resurrection.

Main Idea Inside 2 Corinthians

Jehovah, “the God of all comfort,” gives strength to his servants and takes care of them.

Main Idea Inside Galatians

Paul’s letter to the Galatians apply to our day the same way it applied to the time it was written. It can help all true Christians to remain faithful.

Main Idea Inside Ephesians

This inspired letter shows God’s purpose to bring about peace and unity through Jesus Christ.

Main Idea Inside Philippians

When we endure while under trial, we can encourage others to stand firm.

Main Idea Inside Colossians

We can please Jehovah by applying what we learn, by forgiving one another freely, and by recognizing Jesus’ position and authority.

Main Idea Inside 1 Thessalonians

We need to stay awake spiritually, “make sure of all things,” “pray regularly,” and encourage one another.

Main Idea Inside 2 Thessalonians

Paul was correcting the false ideas about Jehovah day, and he encouraged the brothers to remain faithful.

Main Idea Inside 1 Timothy

Paul wrote 1 Timothy to explain how things should be done in the congregation and to warn against false teachings and the love of money.

Main Idea Inside 2 Timothy

Paul encouraged Timothy to accomplish his ministry fully.

Main Idea Inside Titus

Paul letter to Titus talk about problems in the Cretan congregations and explain the spiritual qualifications for elders.

Main Idea Inside Philemon

This short but powerful letter get lessons that we can apply like humility, kindness, and forgiveness.

Main Idea Inside James

James uses vivid word pictures to teach important Christian principles.

Main Idea Inside 1 Peter

1 Peter teach us to work hard in the preaching work and to give our problem them to God.

Main Idea Inside 2 Peter

2 Peter encourage us to be faithful and wait for God government to rule over the earth.

Main Idea Inside 1 John

John letter advise us about people who not believe in Jesus Christ: and it help us to know the thing them we must love and thing them we must hate.

Main Idea Inside 2 John

John second letter talk again about how we must continue to obey all the thing them God say and how we must stay away from false teacher them.

Main Idea Inside 3 John

John third letter teach us good lesson on how Christian must be good to each other.

Main Idea Inside Jude

Jude exposes the devious ways of those who try to deceive and corrupt Christians.

Main Idea Inside Revelation

See how God Kingdom will make God will to take place on the earth the same way it in heaven.