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April 13-19


April 13-19
  • Song 112 and Prayer

  • What Thing We Coming Learn? (1 min.)


  • Jacob and Laban Made Agreement for Peace”: (10 min.)

    • Ge 31:​44-46​—Jacob and Laban ate on the rocks they put together to show that they made peace (it-1-E 883 ¶1)

    • Ge 31:​47-50​—They called the place Galeed and the Watchtower (it-2-E 1172)

    • Ge 31:​51-53​—They promised that their family them will not fight each other

  • Looking for Good-Good Thing them Inside the Bible: (10 min.)

    • Ge 31:19​—What thing made Rachel to steal her pa false god them? (it-2-E 1087-1088)

    • Ge 31:​41, 42​—What thing we can learn from Jacob example about the way we must treat people we working for that hard to be satisfy? (1Pe 2:18; w13-E 3/15 21 ¶8)

    • What good thing them you learned in your Bible reading this week about Jehovah, the preaching work, or anything you want talk about?

  • Bible Reading: (Don’t pass by 4 min.) Ge 31:​1-18 (Study 10)


  • Video for the First Time You Talk to the Person: (4 min.) Your talk it together. Put the show on, when it end you must ask the question them that here: How the sister showed the main point in the verse with the thing she was talking? What thing she say that will make the woman ready when she come back?

  • The First Time You Talk to the Person: (Don’t pass by 3 min.) Start with the example for preaching. Try to preach to somebody who not want listen. (Study 4)

  • The First Time You Talk to the Person: (Don’t pass by 5 min.) Start with the example for preaching. Then give the person the Good News brochure and start Bible study from lesson 5. (Study 8)


  • Song 77

  • Encourage the Brothers and Sisters That Inactive: (Don’t pass by 20 min.) That elder must give this talk. Play the video Jehovah Cares for His Sheep. When it finish, talk about some of the points in the brochure Return to Jehovah, on page 14.

  • Congregation Bible Study: (30 min.) jy-E chap. 111 ¶1-9

  • What Thing We Learned Today and What We Will Learn Next Week? (Don’t pass by 3 min.)

  • Song 146 and Prayer