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Talk Like You Lecturing

Talk Like You Lecturing

2 Corinthians 2:17

WETIN YOU MUST DO: Talk the way you can talk every day. When you do it, it will show how you feel about the thing you talking and the people you talking to.


  • Pray and prepare good-good. Ask Jehovah to help you so that you can pay attention to the message and not to yourself. Try to get the main point you want talk about clear in your mind. Talk in your own words, don’t read your message word for word.

  • Talk from your heart. Think about why people must really hear the message. Focus on the people. Let the people know that you friendly and you mean what you say. You can do it by the way you stand up or sit down, the way you move your body when you talking, and the way you make your face.

  • Look at the people you talking to. If that not problem in your area to look at people face when you talking, then it good to look in the person face and talk. When you giving talk, don’t just look at everybody at the same time, but look at people one by one.