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Make the Main Points Clear

Make the Main Points Clear

Hebrews 8:1

WETIN YOU MUST DO: When you giving talk, the people must know that you moving from one point and going to the next point. Make it clear how each of the main point go in line with the title and the reason why you giving the talk.


  • Know why you giving the talk. Try to see whether your talk that to give information, to convince, or to make the people do something. Then give the talk with the reason you get in mind. Make sure that all the main point them in the talk will help you do this one.

  • Talk more about the talk title. Your talk title must be clear throughout the talk. Do this one by using some of the main word them in your title over and over or use some other word them that get the same meaning.

  • Make your main points clear and simple. Choose only the main points that go in line with the title, and that you can teach good in the time you get. Make each of your main points clear but don’t make them plenty. When you finish with one main point, wait small before going to the next point, then it will be easy to understand.