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Congregation Meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Know about our meetings. Look for one meeting place near you.

Some Thing Them to Know Because of Coronavirus (COVID-19): Because of this bad sickness that spreading, we can have our meetings on the internet . We can use our phone, tablet or computer to connect to the meeting. If you want know how to connect to our meetings, ask any Jehovah Witness or click the button that down.

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What Thing Can Happen to Our Meeting?

Jehovah Witnesses hold meeting two time every week. (Hebrews 10:​24, 25) The meeting is open to everybody. During the meeting we learn what the Bible say and how we can apply the teaching in our life.

To our meeting we can allow people to talk, just like classroom discussion. Meeting can start and end with song and prayer.

You do not have to be Jehovah Witness to go to our meeting. We invite everybody to come there. Seats are free. Nobody can take money from you.