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About Jehovah’s Witnesses

You can see us in our public ministry. Maybe you now read something about us in the newspaper, or someone told you something about us. But what thing you really know about Jehovah’s Witnesses?

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Free Bible Study Program

Why It Good for You to Study the Bible?

The Bible is giving answer to big-big question in life for million of people all over the world. You want be one of them?

What Thing Can Happen on Bible Study?

All over the world, they know Jehovah Witnesses for the free Bible study program they offer. See how it can work.

Ask for one of Jehovah Witnesses to visit you

You can talk about Bible topic with Jehovah Witnesses, or try our free Bible study program.

Meetings and Events

Wetin Can Happen Inside the Kingdom Hall?

Watch this video and see for yourself.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Congregation Meetings

Find out about the place we can meet and the way we can worship.

Memorial of Jesus Death

Every year, plenty people can meet together to remember Jesus death. We inviting you to learn how this important program can benefit you.

Fast True​—All Over the World

  • 240​—Country where Jehovah Witnesses worship

  • 8,695,808​—Jehovah Witnesses

  • 7,705,765​—Free home Bible study conducted

  • 17,844,773​—People that attended the Memorial of Christ’s death

  • 120,387​—Congregations