Kĩla ũthi ũvoonĩ ũla wĩ vo

Kĩla ũthi nthĩnĩ wa ũvoo wa kelĩ wa maũndũ ala me vo

Kĩla ũthi nthĩnĩ wa ũvoo ũla wĩ vo

Ngũsĩ sya Yeova


2017 Convention Program

See the schedule for each day of this convention, which will help you to keep doing what is fine and to endure trials.


What can help Christians cultivate the qualities necessary to endure difficulties?


How does Almighty God supply us with endurance and comfort?


Jesus said: “The one who has endured to the end will be saved.” What can you do to heed his words?

Information for Delegates

You may be interested in attending special meetings to be held during the program. Also, check here if you want to know more about attendants, baptism, contributions, first aid, lost and found, seating, or volunteer service.