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Jehovah Witness

Pidgin (West Africa)

Watchtower and Awake! Magazine

You fit download our magazine for different-different language. E pass 200 language wey we get for our website. All the magazine fit help you learn wetin dey for Bible. The Watchtower de help us understand wetin Bible don talk and how them de happen for this our time. The good news about the Kingdom of God de give people hope and e de help them put faith for Jesus Christ. Awake! Magazine de show us how we fit manage all the problem wey we de face for this time. We go trust wetin God don talk, say e go make this world better.


Sorry, this type of thing wey you de find for this website no dey for your language.

The things wey dey for here dey for this language, and you fit find am for the next page: