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You Want Know the Truth?

You Want Know the Truth?

TRUTH about wetin? About some important questions wey people don de ask. E fit be say you don de think about some questions like:

  • God like-am as people de suffer?

  • War and suffer-suffer go ever end?

  • When person die, e de go live for another place?

  • When person die, e fit live again?

  • How I fit pray make God answer me?

  • Wetin I fit do if I want de happy?

How you fit get answer for all this question? If you ask people, you go get different-different answer. Even if you ask people for different-different religion, na so you go still get different-different answer. Some answer fit be like say e correct, but small time that answer go change.

The correct answer wey we fit trust, dey inside one book. That book no de talk lie. One time wey Jesus Christ de pray, e tell God say: ‘Your word na truth.’ (John 17:17) That book na Bible. Everything for inside na truth. This book wey you de read now go show you how Bible give correct answer for all this question.

 God Like-am as People De Suffer?

WHY PEOPLE DE ASK THIS QUESTION: People for this world really wicked, and plenty people de suffer. Plenty religion de teach say na God de make people suffer.

WETIN BIBLE TALK: God no de ever do wicked thing. Job 34:10 talk say: ‘God no fit ever do wicked thing, or say the Almighty go do bad thing!’ God love people and e want help them. Na this one make Jesus talk say make we de pray like this: ‘Our Father for heaven, make your Kingdom come. Make the thing wey you want, happen for this earth as e dey for heaven.’ (Matthew 6:9, 10) God get deep love for people sotey e don do plenty things so that people go fit enjoy life forever.—John 3:16.

Still check Genesis 1:26-28; James 1:13; and 1 Peter 5:6, 7.

War and Suffer-Suffer Go Ever End?

WHY PEOPLE DE ASK THIS QUESTION: Plenty people de die because of war. People de suffer.

WETIN BIBLE TALK: God talk say, small time, e go bring peace for this earth. When the Kingdom of God, (or government for heaven) go de rule this earth, people no go learn how to fight war again. Instead, they go change their sword to something like hoe wey people de use for farm work. (Isaiah 2:4) God go end all wicked things and suffer no go dey again. Bible talk say: ‘God go wipe all the tears for their eye, and they no go die again, people no go cry again, pain no go dey again. The old things [with all wicked things and suffer-suffer wey we de see today] don pass.’—Revelation 21:3, 4.

Still check Psalm 37:10, 11; 46:9; and Micah 4:1-4.

When Person Die, E De Go Live for Another Place?

WHY PEOPLE DE ASK THIS QUESTION: Plenty people for this world de talk say when person die, e de go live for another place. Some people believe say when person die, e de get strong power, and e fit do people bad or make them fear. And plenty religion de teach say God de punish wicked people for hell fire forever.

WETIN BIBLE TALK: When person die, e don finish. That person no de live again. Ecclesiastes 9:5 talk say: ‘People no de know anything at all after they don die.’ Since they no fit know anything, and they no fit feel anything or do anything, that one mean say they no fit do people bad or help them.—Psalm 146:3, 4.

Still check Genesis 3:19 and Ecclesiastes 9:6, 10.

 When Person Die, E Fit Live Again?

WHY PEOPLE DE ASK THIS QUESTION: Everybody want live, and we want enjoy life with people wey we love. Some people wey we love don die. Na normal thing say we want really see them again.

WETIN BIBLE TALK: God talk say e go bring people back to life. Jesus promise say ‘people inside grave go come out.’ (John 5:28, 29) As God don promise, people go come back to life and they go live for paradise. (Luke 23:43) For this paradise, people no go de sick again, and they go live forever if they obey God. Bible talk say: ‘Na righteous people go stay for this earth, and they go stay inside forever.’Psalm 37:29.

Still check Job 14:14, 15; Luke 7:11-17; and Acts 24:15.

How I Fit Pray Make God Answer Me?

WHY PEOPLE DE ASK THIS QUESTION: People for all religion de pray. But plenty people still de feel say God no de answer their prayer.

WETIN BIBLE TALK: Jesus talk say anytime wey we de pray, make we no de cram prayer or repeat wetin people don write for book. E talk say, ‘When you de pray, make you no de talk the same thing again and again.’ (Matthew 6:7) If we want make God answer our prayer, we must pray the way e want-am. That one mean say we go learn wetin God want and follow wetin e de talk. For Bible, 1 John 5:14 talk say: ‘Anything wey we beg God, and the thing na wetin e want, e go answer-am.’

Still check Psalm 65:2; John 14:6, 14; and 1 John 3:22.

Wetin I Fit Do If I Want De Happy?

WHY PEOPLE DE ASK THIS QUESTION: Plenty people believe say na money, big name, or fine body, go make them happy. Na this one de make them want get all this kind thing, but even after they don get-am, they no de happy.

WETIN BIBLE TALK: Jesus talk wetin go really make person happy. For Matthew 5:3, e talk say, ‘People wey them de show say they need God for their life de happy.’ Wetin fit make us really de happy? Na only when we know the truth about God and the things wey e want do. This one dey important pass anything wey we need for life. Na inside Bible we fit know this truth and e go help us know wetin really dey important and wetin no dey important. We go get better life if we allow the truth for inside Bible make e de direct anything wey we de do.Luke 11:28.

Still check Proverbs 3:5, 6, 13-18 and 1 Timothy 6:9, 10.

 This one na just some of the answers wey Bible give about this six questions. You want know more? If you be one of the ‘people wey them de show say they need God for their life,’ we dey sure say you go want know more. You fit de think about different-different question like: ‘If God de care about people, why e allow make bad things de happen and make people de suffer? How I fit make my family get better life?’ Bible get correct answer for this two questions and other questions.

But, plenty people today no want check wetin dey inside Bible. Them de see Bible like one big book wey e hard to understand. You go like-am make person come show you the answer inside Bible? Jehovah Witness get two things wey them fit use to help you.

The first one na the book wey the title na God Get Good News for You! This book de help busy people learn wetin Bible talk about important questions. The second one na free Bible study. One Jehovah Witness for your area go come your house or any place wey you like so that every week, you and the person fit take some time study Bible together. This one don really help plenty people. E don even make some of them talk say: “I don see the truth!”

This one better pass any other thing. Wetin Bible de teach de free people from lie-lie story about spirit, magic, and anything wey e fit make people fear. E de give people hope, e de make them know why them de live, and e de make people happy. Jesus talk say: ‘You go know the truth and the truth go make you free.’—John 8:32.