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Pidgin (West Africa)

God Get Good News For You!


Who Be the True God?

Who Be the True God?

1. Why e good make we worship God?

Na the true God make everything for heaven and for this earth. God no get start and e no go ever get end. (Psalm 90:2) Na e give everybody this good news wey we de see for inside Bible. (1 Timothy 1:11) E good make we worship God because na e give us life.Read Revelation 4:11.

2. Na which kind person God be?

Person no fit ever see God because God na Spirit. E get sense and e get power pass any other person. (John 1:18; 4:24) Na true say we no fit see God, but all the things wey e don make de help us know the kind person wey God be. For example, the different-different food wey we de enjoy and the different-different flower wey we de see show say God get sense and e love us. The way heaven and earth big de show say God get power.Read Romans 1:20.

We fit still learn other things about God when we de read Bible. For example, Bible de teach us wetin God like and wetin God no like. E still de teach us wetin God de do when people do good things or bad things.Read Psalm 103:7-10.

3. God get name?

Jesus talk say: ‘Our Father for heaven, make your name dey holy.’ (Matthew 6:9) God get plenty title, but na only one name e get. Every language get how them de call the name. For Pidgin we de call-am “Jehovah.” Other people de call-am “Yahweh.”Read Psalm 83:18.

Some people don remove this name from Bible and they don put title like Lord or God. The time wey they first write Bible, that name Jehovah dey inside about 7,000 times. And  when Jesus de teach people about God, e teach them that name.Read John 17:26.

4. Jehovah like-am as people de suffer?

As this papa love e pikin, Jehovah love us and e go make our life better

Na true say Jehovah like-am as we de suffer? Some people talk say na God de make people suffer. They say na because e want see wetin we go do. But this one na big lie.Read James 1:13.

God no make people like robot. E give us the chance to choose wetin we want do. We dey happy say Jehovah give us the chance to choose whether we go do the thing wey e talk or we no go do-am. (Joshua 24:15) But plenty people de suffer because some people don choose to do wicked things. Jehovah no like-am as people de suffer.Read Genesis 6:5, 6.

Jehovah na good God. E want make we enjoy life. Small time e go destroy wicked people and suffer no go dey again. But for now, God get reason why e never stop the suffer for this world. We go learn that reason for Lesson 8.Read 2 Peter 2:9; 3:7, 13.

5. Wetin we go do if we want near God?

Jehovah want make we de pray. Prayer go help make we fit near God. (Psalm 65:2; 145:18) Jehovah really want forgive all our mistake. E know say we de try make e de happy. Even as we de make mistake, Jehovah fit still be our friend.Read Psalm 103:12-14; James 4:8.

Make we love Jehovah pass any other person because na e de give life. (Mark 12:30) How you fit show say you love God? Na when you de study Bible and de do the things wey you don learn. This one go help you de near God more-more.Read 1 Timothy 2:4; 1 John 5:3.