1. God de hear all prayer?

God de hear prayer, and e want make everybody de pray. (Psalm 65:2) But God no de answer all prayer. For example, if man no de treat e wife well, that one fit make God no answer e prayer. (1 Peter 3:7) And, when Israel people no stop the bad things wey them de do, God no answer their prayer. So e dey clear say prayer na big favor wey God give everybody. If people wey they don do plenty bad things repent, God go answer their prayer.Read Isaiah 1:15; 55:7.

2. How we go pray make God hear?

Prayer na part of wetin we de do to worship God. So make we pray only to Jehovah, since na e make us. (Matthew 4:10; 6:9) And when we de pray, na the name of Jesus we go use because e die for our sin. (John 14:6) Jehovah no want make we de cram our prayer or read wetin person don write for book. E want make we pray from our heart.Read Matthew 6:7; Philippians 4:6, 7.

Since na God make us, e fit hear anything wey we talk for prayer, even if we talk-am inside our mind. (1 Samuel 1:12, 13) E want make we de pray everytime, like when we want sleep and when we wake up, before we chop, and when we dey for problem.Read Psalm 55:22; Matthew 15:36.

3. Why e good make Christians de go meeting?

People for this world no get faith for God, and they no believe say peace go dey this earth as God don promise. Because we de live with them, e de hard us to near God.  (2 Timothy 3:1, 4; 2 Peter 3:3, 13) So when we dey with our brothers and sisters, they go de encourage us to near God, and we de encourage them too.Read Hebrews 10:24, 25.

If our friends love God, they go help us near God. Jehovah Witness meeting de give us chance to learn from the fine example wey other people de show.Read Romans 1:11, 12.

4. How you fit near God?

You fit near God if you de think about the things wey you learn from the Bible. Think about the things wey God don do, e advice, and all e promise. If we de pray and we de think about all this things, e go make us thank God from our heart, because e love us and e get sense.Read Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:1-3.

Na only if you get faith and you trust God, you go fit near-am. Faith be like flower, if we no put water for flower, e go die. Na so e still be with faith, if you de remember wetin make you believe God, your faith go de grow.Read Matthew 4:4; Hebrews 11:1, 6.

5. Wetin you go gain if you near God?

If you love Jehovah, e go protect you. If anything want make your faith weak or make you no get everlasting life, e go protect you. (Psalm 91:1, 2, 7-10) E de warn us make we no de live our life anyhow, so that we no go de sick and we go fit dey happy. Jehovah de teach us the best way to live our life.Read Psalm 73:27, 28; James 4:4, 8.