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How You Fit Use This Book

How You Fit Use This Book

This book go help you learn wetin dey inside Bible, and you go really enjoy-am. You go see some question for thick black color. All the Bible verse under the part wey you de read go show you the place wey the answer dey for your Bible.

As you de study, check how the Bible verse de answer the question for that part. Any Jehovah Witness go really want help you, so that you fit understand wetin you don read for Bible.Read Luke 24:32, 45.

Know say: All the other books wey we talk about inside this book, na Jehovah Witness them write-am.

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How We De Help People Make Them Learn Bible

For the whole world, people know say Jehovah Witness people de help other people make them learn Bible for free. See how people de learn.