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God Get Good News For You!


The Good News Na Really From God?

The Good News Na Really From God?

1. Na who get the message for Bible?

We don learn one good news for Bible say people go live for this earth forever. (Psalm 37:29) Bible get 66 small-small book. God use about 40 men write-am. Moses write from Genesis reach Deuteronomy. The time wey e write-am, about 1,500 years pass, before Jesus come this earth. Na apostle John write the book of Revelation. E write-am about 1,600 years after Moses write e own. So, na who get the message for Bible? The people no just write anything wey they like. Na God use e holy spirit tell them the thing wey they go write. (2 Samuel 23:2) Since the thing wey this people write na from God, e mean say na Jehovah get the message for Bible.Read 2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20, 21.

2. How we know say wetin Bible talk na true?

We know say wetin Bible talk na true because e de talk wetin go happen for future, and everything wey e talk de always happen. Nobody fit do that kind thing. (Joshua 23:14) Na only God fit know wetin go happen for future, because na e get power pass.Read Isaiah 42:9; 46:10.

Bible na special book because na God give us. They don print plenty Bible for about 450 language. Na true say Bible na old book, but even science for this our time agree with wetin Bible talk. Another thing be say, even though na plenty people write-am, wetin one person write agree with wetin the other person write. * If you read Bible, you go really see say God get strong love for us. Bible still get power to change people from bad to good. Na all this one make many people believe say true-true, Bible na book from God.Read 1 Thessalonians 2:13.

 3. Which message dey inside Bible?

The whole Bible get one special message. This message na about the better things wey God want do for everybody. E still tell us why this world no be paradise now, and how God go arrange-am make e be paradise again.Read Revelation 21:4, 5.

Bible still get law and better advice from God. This advice fit make our life better. Bible talk different-different story about the way God treat good people and bad people. This kind story de help us know the kind person wey God be. E mean say Bible fit help you if you want learn about God. E talk about wetin you go do if you want make God be your friend.Read Psalm 19:7, 11; James 2:23; 4:8.

4. Wetin you go do if you want de understand Bible?

When Jesus de teach people about God, e de always tell them different-different things wey Bible talk. Jesus go even explain-am so that the people go understand. Na so this book de explain wetin dey inside Bible for simple way, so that you go understand-am.Read Luke 24:27, 45.

This good news from God better pass any other thing. But some people no like-am. E even de make some people vex. No worry, make that one no stop you. If you want enjoy life forever, you must study Bible and learn about God.Read John 17:3.


^ par. 3 Go check this book A Book for All People.