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Jehovah Witness

Pidgin (West Africa)

God Get Good News For You!

Wetin be the good news wey God get for you? Why you go believe this good news? This book show how Bible answer some kind question wey people de ask.

How You Fit Use This Book

This book go help you learn wetin dey inside Bible, and you go really enjoy-am. See how you fit find different-different Bible verse inside your own Bible.

Wetin Be the Good News?

Learn about the good news wey God get for you, why e dey important now, and wetin you go do now

Who Be the True God?

God get name? E like-am as people dey suffer?

The Good News Na Really From God?

How we know say wetin Bible talk na true?

Who Be Jesus Christ?

Learn why Jesus die, how e free us from sin, and wetin e de do now.

How God Want Make This Earth Be?

Bible de talk why God make this earth, when people no go suffer again, and how this earth go be.

When Person Die, We Fit Still See-am Again?

When person die, e de go live for another place? We go fit still see our people wey don die?

Wetin Be the Kingdom of God?

Who be the King for the Kingdom of God and wetin the Kingdom go do?

Why God Leave-am Make Bad Things De Happen?

How bad things start, and why God never stop-am? Suffer go ever end?

Wetin Fit Make Your Family Happy?

Jehovah na happy God, and e want make all family de happy. See Bible advice for husband, wife, papa and mama, and their pikin them.

How You Fit Know the True Religion?

Na only one true religion dey? Make we see this 5 point, they go help you know true religion.

How We Fit Gain From Bible Advice?

Jesus explain why we need help and the two important Bible advice.

How You Fit Near God?

Learn whether God de hear all prayer, how we go pray make God answer, and wetin we fit still do to near God.

Wetin Be the Good News About Religion?

Time go dey wey everybody go gather worship the true God as one family?

Why God Get Organization for This Earth?

Bible tell us why and how God arrange true Christians.

Why E Good Make You Continue De Learn About Jehovah?

How wetin you know about God fit help other people? Which kind friendship you fit enjoy with God?