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Jehovah Witness

Pidgin (West Africa)

Why E Good Make We Study Bible?

Different-different question about life de worry plenty people for mind and Bible don de help them know the answer. You want know the answer for your own question?

How We De Help People Make Them Learn Bible

For the whole world, people know say Jehovah Witness people de help other people make them learn Bible for free. See how people de learn.

Wetin De Happen for Kingdom Hall?

Make you try see wetin de happen inside Kingdom Hall.

Ask for Free Bible Study

Study Bible for free for the place and time wey you want.

Meeting Wey Jehovah Witness De Get

Know the place wey we de meet, and how we de worship God.

Things Wey You Fit Know About Jehovah Witness for the Whole World

  • 240—Country wey Jehovah Witness dey

  • 8,220,105—Jehovah Witness people

  • 9,708,968—People wey we de study Bible with them now

  • 19,862,783—People for Memorial

  • 118,016—Congregation