‘Good News From God!’ Video Series

Does God Have a Name?

God has many titles, including Almighty, Creator, and Lord. But God’s personal name is used some 7,000 times in the Bible.

How Can We Be Sure the Bible Is True?

If the Bible was authored by God, it should be like no other book ever written.

Who Is the Author of the Bible?

If it was written by men, can it rightly be called the Word of God? Whose thoughts does the Bible contain?

Why Did Jesus Die?

You may have heard that he died for our sins. But could one sacrifice really benefit millions of people?

Why Did God Create the Earth?

Our world is full of beauty. It is placed at just the right distance from the sun, it is tilted at just the right angle, and it rotates at just the right speed. Why did God put so much effort into making the earth?

What Is God’s Kingdom?

Throughout Jesus’ ministry, he taught about God’s Kingdom more than any other subject. For centuries, his followers have prayed for that Kingdom to come.

What Is the Condition of the Dead?

The Bible promises a time when many people will be resurrected from the dead, just as Lazarus was.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

The Bible provides a satisfying and comforting answer.

Does God Accept All Forms of Worship?

Many people believe that it doesn’t matter which religion you choose.

Does God Listen to All Prayers?

What if a person’s prayer is selfish? What if a husband mistreats his wife and then asks for God’s blessing?