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Bible Book Introduction Videos

Basic facts about each book of the Bible.

Introduction to Nehemiah

The Bible book of Nehemiah provides valuable lessons for all true worshippers today.

Introduction to Ezra

Jehovah keeps his promises to free his people from exile in Babylon and to restore true worship in Jerusalem.

Introduction to Esther

The dramatic events of Esther’s day will strengthen your faith in Jehovah God’s ability to deliver his people out of trials today.

Introduction to Job

All those who love Jehovah will be tested. The account of Job gives us confidence that we can maintain our integrity and uphold Jehovah’s sovereignty.

Introduction to Matthew

Enjoy learning basic facts about this Bible book, the first of the four Gospels.

Introduction to Psalms

The Psalms support Jehovah’s sovereignty, help and comfort those who love him, and show how the world will change by means of his Kingdom.

Introduction to Proverbs

Get divine guidance for virtually every aspect of your life—from business dealings to family matters.

Introduction to Ecclesiastes

King Solomon highlights the things that really matter in life and contrasts them with the things that conflict with godly wisdom.

Introduction to the Song of Solomon

The unfailing love of the Shulammite girl for a shepherd boy is described as “the flame of Jah.” Why?

Introduction to Isaiah

Isaiah is a book of unerring prophecy that can strengthen your confidence in Jehovah as the Fulfiller of promises and the God of our salvation.

Introduction to Jeremiah

Jeremiah faithfully stuck to his assignment as a prophet despite hardship. Think about what his example can mean for Christians today.

Introduction to Lamentations

Written by the prophet Jeremiah, the book expresses grief over Jerusalem’s destruction and shows how repentance leads to divine mercy.

Introduction to Ezekiel

Ezekiel humbly and courageously carried out any God-given assignment, no matter how difficult. His example is invaluable to us today.

Introduction to Daniel

Daniel and his companions remained faithful to Jehovah under all circumstances. Their example along with the fulfillment of prophecy can benefit us now, in the time of the end.

Introduction to Hosea

Hosea’s prophecy contains vital lessons for us today regarding Jehovah’s mercy toward repentant wrongdoers and the type of worship he requires.

Introduction to Joel

Joel prophesied about the approaching “day of Jehovah” and identified the key to survival. His prophecy takes on greater urgency today.

Introduction to Amos

Jehovah used this humble man for an important work. What valuable lessons can we learn from the example of Amos?

Introduction to Obadiah

It is the shortest book in the Hebrew Scriptures. The prophecy offers hope and promises the vindication of Jehovah’s kingship.