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Jehovaht Tu’awi’yyùngqam

Select language Hopi

Pas himu tutuveni

Puuhu Watchtower nit Awake! ang um túngwani online. “Download” Watchtower nit Awake! pu’ piw peehu tutuveni it yang um aw yórikni. I’ “audio” tutuveni qa hìikya’yta qa suukw lavayit ang’a um aw tuuqaytani. It um aw taytani “videos” nit “download”-tani, i’ videos qa suukw lavayi ang’a, pu’ piw “sign languages”.

Um hìitawat lavayit “language box” angqw namortani. Um hìita hepniqw “Search” aw “click”-tani.


Some updates made to digital publications may not yet appear in the printed editions.