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Jehovah’s Witnesses


“Sing Out Joyfully” to Jehovah

 SONG 109

Love Intensely From the Heart

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Love Intensely From the Heart

(1 Peter 1:22)

  1. 1. When our love is pure and intense,

    We make Jehovah’s heart rejoice.

    Love is his greatest quality,

    Something that we hold dear.

    Warm affection glows in our hearts,

    Making a loyal friendship grow.

    Love always acts unselfishly,

    Proving our love sincere.

    When we see a friend in need,

    We’ll be there to lend a helping hand.

    Truly we can be a friend,

    Someone who can understand.

    Jesus showed what love really means,

    Helping us see Jehovah’s love,

    Touching our hearts and moving us.

    Tender feelings are a start.

    Love intensely from the heart.