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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Original Songs

A collection of songs based on appreciation for our spiritual heritage.

Blessings of Learning a Language

What blessings can you enjoy as the result of learning a new language?

Don’t Run So Fast

Our ministry and other aspects of life often improve when we slow down and take our time.

“Follow the Course of Hospitality”

In what ways can you be hospitable?

Our Thanks Go to You

Through his holy spirit, Jehovah helps us to endure the many challenges we face. We’re moved to sing our appreciation to him.

Where I Belong

How can you choose the best friends possible?


We are wise to consider how the choices we make in personal matters affect our ministry and other people.

Forgive One Another

Look for opportunities in your life to imitate Jehovah and forgive others.

Just Around the Corner

Looking forward to the future Paradise can help us endure.

Study Makes You Strong

Personal study of God’s Word can help young ones grow spiritually strong.

Your Word Endures Forever

Praise God for preserving his Word for mankind!

Stop, Think, and Pray

When we face problems, what can we do?

Building My Future With Jehovah

Please Jehovah each day with the choices you make.

Faith Can Make Things Happen

It takes effort to build strong faith, but Jehovah will reward us when we make that effort.

I Keep Your Reminders

By word and deed, let us prove that we really love Jehovah’s reminders.

I Can Get Back Up

Follow a previously zealous servant of Jehovah as she finds the strength to return to the love of the congregation.

We Marvel at Your Work

Cherish your privilege of working with Jehovah!

Precious Daughter

Through the years, a father watches as his daughter grows up and makes the truth her own.

Let’s Take the Leap

Expanding our ministry, in whatever form, can bring us great joy as servants of Jehovah.

Look at Me

Make the most of the time spent with your brothers and sisters.

Inspired by Your Wonders

The work of Jehovah’s hands fills us with awe and inspires us to sing to him.

Important Things

We need to set time aside for the most important things—prayer, study, and godly devotion.

Truly in Love

Having Jehovah God in your marriage will make it strong!

Confident in You

Reading and meditating on God’s Word can help us survive the storms of life.

I’m Making a Change

Have you been inspired to make a change in your ministry?

A Place That Will Bring You Praise

We are honored to dedicate to Jehovah a place in which his great name will be glorified.