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Jehovah’s Witnesses


The Watchtower—Study Edition (Simplified)  |  October 2015

“Keep Holding Men of That Sort Dear”

“Keep Holding Men of That Sort Dear”

SINCE 1992, the Governing Body has assigned experienced, mature elders to help its committees accomplish their work. * (See footnote.) These helpers, who are members of the “other sheep,” provide valuable support to the Governing Body. (John 10:16) They attend the weekly meeting of the committee to which they are assigned. Their role is to provide any information that is needed and to offer suggestions. The Governing Body members make the final decisions, and then the helpers assist in seeing that what has been decided is actually done. These brothers are willing to do whatever tasks they are assigned. They travel with members of the Governing Body to special and international conventions. They may also be assigned to visit branch offices as headquarters representatives.

One brother who has served as a helper since 1992 says, “When I take care of my assigned tasks, the Governing Body can concentrate more fully on spiritual matters.” Another brother who has served as a helper for 20 years says, “It has been a privilege beyond anything I could ever have anticipated.”

The Governing Body has given a lot of responsibility to its helpers and appreciates the hard work of these loyal brothers. Let us all “keep holding men of that sort dear.”Philippians 2:29.

^ par. 2 See the box “How the Governing Body Cares for Kingdom Interests” in chapter 12 of the book God’s Kingdom Rules! for more information on the responsibilities of the six committees of the Governing Body.