“My Dream Has Come True”

Emilia used to serve as a regular pioneer, but 15 years ago she had to stop. Recently, she started to think a lot about how happy she was when she was a pioneer, and she wanted to become a pioneer again.

But Emilia’s job took too much of her time, and this was making her unhappy. One day, she said in front of other workers: “I wish I could work fewer hours!” Her boss heard of this and asked Emilia if that was really what she wanted. Emilia told her that it was. But the company required its employees to work full-time. So Emilia had to meet with a director to get permission to work less. She prepared for the meeting with the director and prayed to be calm and have the courage to speak.

During the meeting, Emilia politely but bravely asked to work fewer hours. She explained to the director that when she is not at work, she uses her time to help others. She told him that she is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and that she helps people to learn about the Bible. She added that today many do not know the difference between right and wrong and need the wisdom from the Bible to help them make good decisions. Emilia assured him that she would continue to be a good worker for the company, but she wanted to work fewer hours so that she would have more time to help people.

The director listened carefully and said he once thought about doing charity work. He understood Emilia’s reasons and gave her permission to work fewer hours. But he asked her: “Do you realize you will earn less money?” Emilia said that she did but that she could learn to live with less money. She added that she is happy when she helps people. The director said he admired her for using her time to help others.

No one working for that company had ever been allowed to work fewer hours. Emilia now works only four days a week. To her surprise, the company increased her pay, and she earns as much as she used to. She says: “My dream has come true, and I can regular pioneer again!”

Have you ever thought about making changes in your life so that you could pioneer? Or if you pioneered before but had to stop, could you pioneer again?

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The director said he admired her for using her time to help others