Why should we pray?

Jehovah God wants us to feel free to speak regularly to him about our concerns. (Luke 18:1-7) He listens because he is interested in us. Since our heavenly Father kindly invites us to pray, why would we not accept his invitation?Read Philippians 4:6.

Prayer is not simply a way to ask for help. Rather, prayer helps us to draw close to God. (Psalm 8:3, 4) When we regularly express our feelings to God, we develop a closer friendship with him.Read James 4:8.

How should we pray?

When we pray, God does not want us to use showy words or to repeat memorized prayers. Neither are we required to adopt a special posture. Jehovah invites us to pray from the heart. (Matthew 6:7) For example, in ancient Israel, Hannah prayed about a distressing family problem. Later, when her anguish turned to joy, she thanked God in heartfelt prayer.Read 1 Samuel 1:10, 12, 13, 26, 27; 2:1.

What a wonderful privilege we have! We can approach the Creator with our concerns. We can also praise him and thank him for what he does. Surely we should not neglect such a precious privilege.Read Psalm 145:14-16.