The magazine you are now reading began to be published in July 1879. Times have changed since then—and so has this journal. Beginning with this issue, you will notice further changes in the format of The Watchtower. What will be different?

In many countries, more and more people obtain information online and feel comfortable with this approach. With the click of a mouse, they can tap into sources of information available only on the Internet. Many books, magazines, and newspapers can be read online.

With this trend in mind, we recently redesigned our Web site, making it more appealing and easier to navigate. Visitors to the site can read publications that have appeared in more than 430 languages. Beginning this month, however, visitors to our Web site can also read selected features that have regularly appeared in our printed magazines but will now appear only on our Web site. *

Since we will be publishing more articles only online, the public edition of The Watchtower will be reduced from 32 pages to 16, effective with this issue. Already The Watchtower is published in 204 languages. With the shorter format, it may now be possible to translate this journal into even more languages.

It is our hope that these adjustments will enable us to reach more people with the Bible’s lifesaving message. We are determined to continue providing a rich supply of enlightening and appealing information—both in print and online—to benefit our many readers who respect the Bible and who want to know what it really teaches.

The Publishers

^ par. 5 Among the articles that will appear only online are the following: “For Young People,” which outlines youth-oriented Bible study projects, and “My Bible Lessons,” a series designed for parents to use with children who are three years of age and under.