Is There Someone Behind All Evil?

“I SHOOK hands with the devil.” So said the commander of the United Nations forces in Rwanda, reflecting on their failure to stop the genocide in that land during 1994. Commenting on the unbelievable savagery at that time, another observer stated: “If someone still dares to deny Satan, meet me at a mass grave in Rwanda.” Are such atrocities really the work of the Devil?

Most people do not regard wanton violence and cruelty as the work of an invisible wicked spirit creature. Many think that such things are a result of the evil inherent in human nature and that the main cause of evil is our own dark instincts. Others theorize that a group of the wealthy and powerful, some sort of a shadowy global network, has been manipulating people for decades in order to rule the world. Then, of course, there are those who blame the national governments and rulers for all the injustice and suffering they see.

What do you believe? Why is it that evil, cruelty, atrocities, and suffering run rampant throughout the world today in spite of efforts to curb them? Why is it that mankind seems to be dashing headlong into a self-destructive course, turning a deaf ear to repeated warnings? Is there someone behind it all? Who really rules the world? The answer might surprise you.