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Jehovah’s Witnesses



One Myth Leads to Another

Compare these myths with what the Bible really teaches.

Myth 1: The Soul Is Immortal

Learn what the Bible says about the human soul.

Myth 2: The Wicked Suffer in Hell

Would a God of love really punish people with eternal torment?

Myth 3: All Good People Go to Heaven

Will the majority of good people live in heaven or on the earth?

Myth 4: God Is a Trinity

The statement that there are three persons in one God cannot be found anywhere in the Bible. Why not?

Myth 5: Mary Is the Mother of God

Learn the origin of Mary worship, and what the Bible really says about Mary.

Myth 6: God Approves of the Use of Images and Icons in Worship

Learn why the apostle John warned Christians against using idols.

When a Spouse Has Special Needs

Read three suggestions that help marriages when one mate is chronically ill.

The Bible—A Remarkable Story of Survival

Learn how the Bible’s existence was threatened, and how it’s survival down to our day proves that this book is extraordinary.