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“He Is Not Far Off From Each One of Us”

“He Is Not Far Off From Each One of Us”

 Draw Close to God

“He Is Not Far Off From Each One of Us”

Acts 17:24-27

COMPARED to this vast universe, humans are puny indeed. Perhaps you have wondered, ‘Is it really possible for mere humans to have a close relationship with Almighty God?’ That could be possible only if God, whose name is Jehovah, wants us to be close to him. Does he? The comforting answer can be found in the apostle Paul’s eloquent words to the learned men of Athens, as recorded at Acts 17:24-27. Notice four things that Paul mentions about Jehovah.

First, Paul says that God “made the world and all the things in it.” (Verse 24) The beauty and variety that make life so enjoyable bear testimony to the thoughtfulness and love of our Maker. (Romans 1:20) It would be absurd to imagine that such a God would choose to be remote from the objects of his love.

Second, Jehovah “gives to all persons life and breath and all things.” (Verse 25) Jehovah is the Sustainer of life. (Psalm 36:9) The air, water, and food that are so vital to life are all gifts from our Creator. (James 1:17) Is it reasonable to believe that our generous God would keep to himself and thereby deny us the gift of knowing who he is and of drawing close to him?

Third, God “made out of one man every nation of men.” (Verse 26) Jehovah is impartial and completely free from bias or prejudice of any kind. (Acts 10:34) How could he be otherwise? He created the “one man,” Adam, from whom all nations and races have descended. God’s “will is that all sorts of men should be saved.” (1 Timothy 2:4) So the opportunity to draw close to him is open to us regardless of our skin color, nationality, or ethnic background.

Finally, Paul expresses a most reassuring truth: Jehovah is “not far off from each one of us.” (Verse 27) Although highly exalted, Jehovah is ever accessible to those who sincerely want to be close to him. His Word assures us that he is, not far off, but “near to all those calling upon him.”​—Psalm 145:18.

It is clear from Paul’s words that God wants us to be close to him. However, he grants such closeness only to those who are willing “to seek” and “grope for” him, explains Paul. (Verse 27) A reference work for Bible translators says that “both verbs are understood to express either an obtainable possibility . . . or an obtainable wish.” To illustrate: In a dark but familiar room, you might grope for the light switch or the door, yet you know that your search will be successful. So, too, if we sincerely seek God and grope for him, we can be sure that our efforts will be rewarded. We will “really find him,” Paul assures us.​—Verse 27.

Do you long to be close to God? If in faith you begin “to seek God” and “grope for him,” you will not be disappointed. Jehovah is not hard to find, for “he is not far off from each one of us.”