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Subject Index for The Watchtower 2016

Subject Index for The Watchtower 2016

Indicating the issue in which each article appears


  • Chapters and Verses, No. 2

  • Lefèvre d’Étaples (translator), No. 6

  • Story of Survival, No. 4


  • I Failed Many Times (J. Mutke), No. 4

  • I Learned to Respect Women (J. Ehrenbogen), No. 3

  • I Was Bitter and Violent (A. De la Fuente), No. 5

  • One Year of Peace and Happiness (A. Broggio), No. 1


  • Better Than Gold (divine wisdom), Aug.

  • Defending Good News Before Officials, Sept.

  • Do Not Be Anxious, No. 1

  • Help in Your Congregation, Mar.

  • Imitate Spirit of the Prophets, Mar.

  • Keep On Serving Jehovah With Joy, Feb.

  • Mild Temper​—Way of Wisdom, Dec.

  • More Precious Than Diamonds (honesty), June

  • Overcoming Insecurity, No. 1

  • “Safeguard Practical Wisdom,” Oct.

  • Using Your Imagination Wisely, Apr.

  • Why Be Honest? No. 1

  • Worship at Shrines? No. 2

  • Your Ministry Like the Dew? Apr.


  • “Cares for You,” June

  • “Do Not Be Afraid. I Will Help You,” July

  • Name, No. 3


  • Benefit From Jehovah’s Guidance (experiences), Sept.

  • “Kingdom Publishers in Britain​—Wake Up!!” (1937), Nov.

  • Offered Selves in Ghana, July

  • Offered Selves in Oceania, Jan.

  • “Reaping Fruit to Jehovah’s Praise” (Germany, World War I), Aug.

  • Sound Car Known to Millions (Brazil), Feb.

  • “The Work Is Great” (contributions), Nov.

  • “To Whom the Work Is Entrusted” (Cedar Point, Ohio, U.S.A., convention), May


  • Dealings With Lepers Unusual, No. 4

  • Joseph’s Father, No. 3

  • Why Suffer and Die? No. 2


  • Becoming All Things to People of All Sorts (D. Hopkinson), Dec.

  • Embracing Bible Truth Without Hands and Arms (B. Merten), No. 6

  • Endeavoring to Mirror Fine Examples (T. McLain), Oct.

  • I Found Happiness in Giving (R. Parkin), Aug.

  • Jehovah Has Given Me Success (C. Robison), Feb.

  • Nuns Become True Spiritual Sisters (F. and A. Fernández), Apr.


  • “Battle Belongs to Jehovah” (David), No. 5

  • Chief Priests in Christian Scriptures, No. 1

  • David Versus Goliath​—Really Happen? No. 5

  • Freedom Rome Granted Jews in Judea, Oct.

  • God Answer All Prayers? No. 6

  • Grounds on Which Jewish Religious Leaders Granted Divorce, No. 4

  • Heeding Warnings, No. 2

  • “I Am Willing to Go” (Rebekah), No. 3

  • Lessons From Birds, No. 6

  • Most Useful Comparison (beliefs with Bible), No. 4

  • Necessary to Belong to a Religion? No. 4

  • Pray in Special Position? No. 6

  • Religion Man-Made? No. 4

  • Scrolls in Bible Times, No. 1

  • Textiles and Dyes in Bible Times, No. 3

  • Visions of Spirit Realm, No. 6

  • What Happens When We Die? No. 1

  • What Is the Kingdom of God? No. 5

  • When Loved One Dies, No. 3

  • Where Can You Find Comfort? No. 5

  • Who Is the Devil? No. 2

  • Word That Meant So Much! (“daughter”), Nov.

  • World Free of Violence Possible? No. 4

  • Would Someone Oversow a Field With Weeds? Oct.


  • Expressing joy over reinstatement, May

  • Giving gifts or tips to government employees, May

  • Joining together of two sticks (Eze 37), July

  • Man with secretary’s inkhorn and six men with weapons (Eze 9:2), June

  • Pool of Bethzatha “stirred up” (Joh 5:7), May

  • Satan physically take Jesus to temple? (Mt 4:5; Lu 4:9), Mar.

  • “Token” and “seal” that anointed receive (2Co 1:21, 22), Apr.

  • What is “the word of God”? (Heb 4:12), Sept.

  • When were God’s people captive to Babylon the Great? Mar.

  • Why Handwashing an Issue? (Mr 7:5), Aug.


  • Appreciating Jehovah as Our Potter, June

  • Be Compelled by God’s “Indescribable Free Gift,” Jan.

  • Be Determined to “Let Your Brotherly Love Continue”! Jan.

  • Being Faithful Leads to God’s Approval, Apr.

  • Benefit Fully From Jehovah’s Provisions, May

  • By Undeserved Kindness You Were Set Free, Dec.

  • Called Out of Darkness, Nov.

  • Does Your Style of Dress Glorify God? Sept.

  • “Do Not Forget Kindness to Strangers,” Oct.

  • Do Not Let the Faults of Others Stumble You, June

  • “Do Not Let Your Hands Drop Down,” Sept.

  • Do You Highly Esteem Jehovah’s Own Book? Nov.

  • Do You Let the Great Potter Mold You? June

  • Do You See the Need to Make Spiritual Progress? Aug.

  • Do You See the Need to Train Others? Aug.

  • Exercise Your Faith in Jehovah’s Promises, Oct.

  • “Go, . . . and Make Disciples of People of All the Nations,” May

  • Grateful Recipients of God’s Undeserved Kindness, July

  • How Do You Make Personal Decisions? May

  • Imitate Jehovah’s Close Friends, Feb.

  • Is the Bible Still Changing Your Life? May

  • Jehovah Called Him “My Friend,” Feb.

  • Jehovah Guides His People in the Way of Life, Mar.

  • “Jehovah Our God Is One Jehovah,” June

  • Jehovah Rewards Those Who Earnestly Seek Him, Dec.

  • Keep Contending for Jehovah’s Blessing, Sept.

  • “Keep On Encouraging One Another Each Day,” Nov.

  • Learn From Jehovah’s Loyal Servants, Feb.

  • “Let Endurance Complete Its Work,” Apr.

  • Maintain Your Neutrality in a Divided World, Apr.

  • Maintain Your Spiritual Health While Serving in a Foreign Field, Oct.

  • Making Christian Marriage a Success, Aug.

  • Marriage​—Its Origin and Purpose, Aug.

  • Organized in Harmony With God’s Own Book, Nov.

  • Parents, Help Your Children Build Faith, Sept.

  • Prove Yourself Loyal to Jehovah, Feb.

  • Seek the Kingdom, Not Things, July

  • ‘Setting Your Mind on the Spirit Means Life and Peace,’ Dec.

  • Settle Differences in a Spirit of Love, May

  • Spread the Good News of Undeserved Kindness, July

  • Strengthen Your Faith in What You Hope For, Oct.

  • The Spirit Bears Witness With Our Spirit, Jan.

  • They Broke Free From False Religion, Nov.

  • Throw All Your Anxiety on Jehovah, Dec.

  • “We Want to Go With You,” Jan.

  • Why Must We “Keep on the Watch”? July

  • Why Should We Meet Together for Worship? Apr.

  • Working Together With God​—A Cause for Rejoicing, Jan.

  • You Can Share in Strengthening Our Christian Unity​—How? Mar.

  • Young Ones​—Are You Ready to Get Baptized? Mar.

  • Young Ones​—How Can You Prepare for Baptism? Mar.

  • Young Ones, Strengthen Your Faith, Sept.