OUR ministry is important and valuable. But not everyone we preach to understands this. Even if people are interested in what the Bible says, they do not always feel that it is necessary to study God’s Word with us.

Take Gavin for example. He was attending meetings at the Kingdom Hall, but he did not want to have a Bible study. Gavin explains that he knew very little about the Bible and did not want others to know this. He was afraid he would be asked to join a religion, and he did not want to be fooled. What do you think? Was it possible to help Gavin? Think about the good effect that Bible teachings can have on a person. Jehovah told the Israelites: “My words will trickle as the dew, as gentle rains upon grass.” (Deuteronomy 31:19, 30; 32:2) Let us learn some things about dew and compare our ministry to it so that we can effectively help “all sorts of people.”1 Timothy 2:3, 4.


Dew is gentle. Dew forms gradually as moisture in the air turns into small drops of water. How did Jehovah’s words “trickle as the dew”? He spoke to his people in a kind, gentle, and caring way. We imitate him when we show respect for what others believe. We encourage them to reason for themselves and make their own decisions. When we show such personal interest, people will be more willing to accept what we say, and our ministry will be more effective.

Dew is refreshing. Our ministry will refresh others when we think of different ways to help them learn more about the truth. A brother named Chris, who first offered Gavin a Bible study, did not try to pressure him to accept it. Instead, he tried to find different ways to make Gavin feel more comfortable with discussing the Bible. Chris told Gavin that there is an important message discussed throughout the Bible and that learning about this message would help him understand the meetings better. Then, Chris explained that Bible prophecy convinced him personally that the Bible is true. As a result, they had many discussions about how prophecies were fulfilled. These conversations refreshed Gavin, and he finally accepted a Bible study.

Dew is vital to life. During the hot, dry season in Israel, it may not rain for several months. Without the moisture that dew provides, plants become dry and die. Jehovah foretold that in our day it would be as if there were a drought, that is, people would be thirsty “for hearing the words of Jehovah.” (Amos 8:11) He promised that anointed ones would be “like dew from Jehovah” as they preached the good news of the Kingdom, supported by the “other sheep.” (Micah 5:7; John 10:16) The message we preach is part of Jehovah’s provision to give life to those who thirst for the truth. Do we value this message?

Dew is a blessing from Jehovah. (Deuteronomy 33:13) Our ministry can be a blessing, or a gift, to those who respond. A Bible study was a blessing for Gavin because it helped him find answers to all his questions. He made quick progress, was baptized, and now enjoys preaching the good news of the Kingdom along with his wife, Joyce.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are filling the earth with the good news of the Kingdom


Comparing our preaching work to dew can also help us to understand that our individual efforts in the ministry are valuable. How so? Individual drops of water help very little, but when there are millions of dewdrops, the ground is filled with moisture. Similarly, what we personally do in the ministry may seem very little to us. But as a result of the combined efforts of millions of Jehovah’s servants, a witness is given “to all the nations.” (Matthew 24:14) Will our ministry be a blessing from Jehovah to others? Yes, our message will be just like the dew, that is, gentle, refreshing, and vital to life!