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Jehovah’s Witnesses


The Watchtower  |  No. 6 2017

What Does the Bible Say?

What Does the Bible Say?

What is Armageddon?

Some people believe . . .

that it will be a global destruction by nuclear weapons or environmental ruin. What do you think?

What the Bible says

Armageddon is the symbolic place of “the war of the great day of God the Almighty,” his war against the wicked.​—Revelation 16:14, 16.

What else can we learn from the Bible?

  • God fights the war of Armageddon, not to ruin the earth, but to save it from ruin by humankind.​—Revelation 11:18.

  • The war of Armageddon will end all wars.​—Psalm 46:8, 9.

Is it possible to survive the war of Armageddon?

What would you say?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe

What the Bible says

“A great crowd” of people from all nations will survive “the great tribulation,” which will end with the war of Armageddon.​—Revelation 7:9, 14.

What else can we learn from the Bible?

  • God wants as many as possible to survive Armageddon. He destroys the wicked only as a last resort.​—Ezekiel 18:32.

  • The Bible explains how to survive Armageddon.​—Zephaniah 2:3.