‘How Will I Be Able to Preach?’

Throughout the world, we have outstanding examples of brothers and sisters who faithfully share in the preaching work despite coping with serious health problems. Take, as an example, Dalia, who lives in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Dalia is a sister in her mid-30’s. Since birth, she has suffered from the effects of cerebral apoplexy. That disorder has left her paralyzed and with a serious speech impediment. As a result, only family members are able to understand her well. Dalia lives with her mother, Galina, who cares for her needs. Although Dalia’s life has been filled with adversity and anxiety, she maintains a positive outlook. How is that possible?

Galina explains: “In 1999, my cousin Apolonija came to visit us. We noticed that Apolonija, who is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, knew her Bible well, and Dalia began to ask her many questions. Before long, a Bible study was started with Dalia. Occasionally, I joined them in the study to help interpret Dalia’s speech. I noticed, though, that everything that she was learning really benefited her. Soon I too requested a Bible study.”

As Dalia began to understand Bible truths, one question started to bother her more and more. Finally, she spoke up and asked Apolonija: “How is one like me​—being paralyzed—​able to preach?” (Matt. 28:19, 20) Apolonija calmly reassured Dalia: “Do not be afraid. Jehovah will help you.” And, indeed, Jehovah does.

How, then, does Dalia preach? In several ways. Christian sisters help her to prepare letters with a Bible message. First, Dalia expresses her thoughts to the sisters. Then, they compose a letter containing her thoughts. Dalia also witnesses by sending text messages on her mobile phone. And when the weather is favorable, congregation members take her outside to approach people they meet in local parks and on the street.

Dalia and her mother have continued to make spiritual progress. They both dedicated themselves to Jehovah and were baptized in November 2004. In September 2008, a Polish-speaking group was formed in Vilnius. Since the group had a need for more Kingdom publishers, Dalia and her mother joined it. Says Dalia: “Some months I get worried when I have not yet been out in service. But after praying to Jehovah about it, soon someone makes an appointment to go out with me in the ministry.” How does our dear sister Dalia feel about her situation? She states: “The disease has paralyzed my body, but it has not paralyzed my mind. I am so happy to be able to tell others about Jehovah!”