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Jehovah’s Witnesses


The Watchtower—Study Edition  |  December 2010

Subject Index for The Watchtower 2010

Subject Index for The Watchtower 2010

 Subject Index for The Watchtower 2010

Indicating date of issue in which article appears


Changes Lives, 2/1, 5/1, 8/1, 11/1

Early Publisher Promotes, 7/1

Ezekiel 18:20 and Exodus 20:5 harmonized, 3/15

God’s Inspired Word? 3/1

Prophecy Point to State of Israel? 11/1

Seven Steps to Beneficial Reading, 7/1

Tell Us Whole Story About Jesus? 4/1

Why Matthew Attributes to Jeremiah Words From Zechariah 12/1

Why Trust Gospels, 3/1


‘Apply Yourself to Teaching,’ 7/15

‘Be Perfect as Heavenly Father Is,’ 11/15

Be “Safe and Sound,” 4/15

Caring for Sick Relative, 5/15

“Child’s Right to Spiritual Development,” 2/15

Combat Negative Feelings, 10/1

Comfort the Bereaved, 11/1

Consideration for Single Parents, 12/1

Coping With Spouse’s Betrayal, 6/15

“Do Not Be Afraid. I Myself Will Help You,” 7/15

Excuses, 10/15

Exercise Perceptive Powers, 5/15

Find Loyal Friends, 7/1

First Year of Marriage, 8/1

Help Children Meet Challenges, 1/15

Help Ill Friend, 7/1

Help Young Become Familiar With Jehovah’s Organization, 10/15

Honest at All Times, 3/1

Honor Elderly, 5/15

In-Laws, 2/1

Instill in Children Love for Reading and Studying, 7/15

Keep Weekly Sabbath? 2/1

Learned Forgiveness From Master (Peter), 4/1

Lesson in God’s Mercy (Jonah), 3/1

Loyal in Face of Tests (Peter), 1/1

Maintain “Purity of Heart,” 3/15

Man of Humility and Courage (Jonah), 1/1

Prayer, 10/1

Raising Responsible Children, 5/1

Really Dishonest? 6/1

Rebaptism, 2/15

Remaining in God’s Favor Despite Changes, 3/15

Resist Pressure of Public Opinion, 8/15

Resist Satanic Propaganda, 2/15

Secrets of Contentment, 11/1

Sharing Living Accommodations, 2/15

Stand Up for Convictions! (Jeremiah), 5/1

Talk to Your Children About Sex, 11/1

“Until Death Do Us Part,” 3/1

Use Each Day for God’s Glory, 1/15

What Would Your Child Say? 12/15

Why Be Punctual, 8/15

Widows and Widowers, 5/1


Dignifies Us With Free Will, 9/1

Equal Opportunity to Know? 8/1

Feel Regret? 2/1

Fulfiller of Promises, 1/1

Has God Left Us? 5/1

Have a Beginning? 7/1

“Hearer of Prayer,” 10/1

Impartial, 9/1

Know God by Name? 7/1

Knows Heart, 12/1

Let Jehovah Question You? 4/15

“Lift Up Your Son” (boy resurrected), 8/1

Listens to Cry of Lowly, 11/15

Looks for Good, 7/1

Loyalty, 6/1

Name in Egyptian Temple, 5/1

‘Sees Heart,’ 3/1

View as Your Father? 2/15

Wants You to Be “Safe and Sound,” 4/15

War Against Canaanites, 1/1

When ‘Heart Broken, Crushed’ Seeks Forgiveness, 5/1

Why Offer Everlasting Life? 1/1

“Will Let Himself Be Found” (1Ch 28:9), 11/1

‘Your Kingdom Will Be Steadfast’ (David), 4/1


Alertness (Finland), 7/15

Annual Meeting, 6/15

Australia’s Far-Northern Islands, 5/1

Bulgaria, 9/15

Gilead Graduations, 2/1, 8/1

Grenada, 9/1

Haiti, 12/1

‘Helps Me Reach Hearts’ (Nations booklet), 10/15

‘Jehovah’s Offering’ (contributions), 11/15

Kingdom Halls, 5/1

Memorial, 3/1

Never Too Late to Serve God (Spain), 12/15

Open Invitation (Bethels), 8/15

Papua New Guinea, 3/1

Practice Faith Healing? 10/1

“Remain Close to Jehovah!” Conventions, 3/1

South Africa, 6/1

Tool to Help Youths (Young People Ask, Volume 2), 2/15

View of Interfaith, 6/1


Archangel Michael? 4/1

Carpenter, 8/1

Historical Figure, 4/1

How to Follow, 5/1

Learned to Be Obedient, 4/1

Magi Who Came to Visit, 12/1

Man Who Changed World, 4/1

Myth Versus Fact, 4/1

Not Involved in Politics, 7/1

Related to Apostles? 9/1

Related to John the Baptizer? 9/1

Teachings About Happiness, 8/1

Teachings About Spirit Creatures, 11/1

Teachings About True Worship, 2/1

Those Who Wrote About, 6/1

Why Called Christ, 4/1

Why Did Not Hurry, 8/1

Why Rejected, 12/1

Woman’s Sins Forgiven, 8/15


Busy in Jehovah’s Organization (V. Zubko), 10/15

God a “Doer of Great Things” (M. Raj), 12/1

Power of Bible Truth (V. Fraese), 12/15

Serving in Time of Expansion (H. Harris), 9/15

‘Things He Did Have Gone Right With Him’ (T. Jaracz), 11/15

Trials Strengthened Trust in Jehovah (A. Dello Stritto), 4/15

Trust in Jehovah (E. Schmidt), 9/1


Aaron Not Punished for Making Golden Calf, 5/15

Alcohol​—God’s View, 1/1

Alcoholic Beverages in Bible Times, 2/1

All Good People Go to Heaven? 2/1

Ancient Voyages Beyond Mediterranean, 3/1

Ants Prepare Food in Summer? 7/1

Apologists, 6/1

Balsam of Gilead, 6/1

‘Brand Marks of Slave of Jesus’ (Ga 6:17), 11/1

Breach Between Jews and Samaritans, 10/1

Calvinism, 9/1

Cities of Refuge Sanctuaries for Criminals? 11/1

City Gates, 6/1

Confession of Sins, 9/1

Cupbearer to the King, 7/1

“Dagger Men” (Ac 21:38), 3/1

Dead Help Living? 1/1

Early Christianity and Gods of Rome, 5/15

Earth Always Produce Enough? 3/1

End Near? 8/1

Firstborn Son, 5/1

Gold of Ophir, 6/1

“Growing Up With Jehovah” (Samuel), 10/1

Guard Against Being Deceived, 9/1

Haran​—Ancient Hive of Activity, 5/15

“High Places,” 8/1

Holy Spirit, 10/1

Join a Religious Group? 11/1

Kingdom That Will Change Earth, 10/1

Leper Healed (Naaman), 11/1

‘Man’s Days 120 Years’ (Ge 6:3), 12/15

Mark​—‘Useful for Ministering,’ 3/15

Meat Sacrificed to Idols, 10/1

‘New Wine, Old Wineskins’ (Lu 5:37, 38), 3/1

Opened Her Heart in Prayer (Hannah), 7/1

People in Bible Times Really Live So Long? 12/1

Rebekah, 2/1

Road Paul Traveled (Via Appia), 1/1

Sailing Hazardous in Paul’s Day, 2/1

Scripture-Containing Cases, 5/1

Secret You Can Tell Others, 12/1

Sin, 6/1

Speaking in Tongues, 10/1

Stars Influence Your Life? 6/1

Synagogues, 4/1

Traveling to Most Distant Part of Earth, 11/1

Trinity, 2/1

“Triumphal Procession” (2Co 2:14-16), 8/1

Where Did Cain Find Wife? 9/1

Where Is Biblical Paradise? 12/1

Where They Lived (early Christians), 1/1

Who Inhabits Spirit Realm? 12/1

Why People Do Bad Things, 9/1

Will Earth End? 1/1

“Workers at Home” (Tit 2:5), 2/1

Writing Tablet (Lu 1:63), 1/1


Are You Fully Following the Christ? 4/15

Baptized in the Name of Whom and What? 3/15

Belonging to Jehovah​—An Undeserved Kindness, 1/15

Be Zealous for True Worship, 12/15

Brothers​—Sow to the Spirit and Reach Out! 5/15

Christian Unity Glorifies God, 9/15

Do Not Grieve Jehovah’s Holy Spirit, 5/15

Do You Share in Making Christian Meetings Upbuilding? 10/15

Earnestly Seek Jehovah’s Blessing, 9/15

Find Refreshment in Spiritual Things, 6/15

Find Security Among God’s People, 6/15

Gracious Speech Promotes Good Relations, 6/15

Have a Full Share in the Great Spiritual Harvest, 7/15

Holy Spirit’s Role in Outworking of Jehovah’s Purpose, 4/15

How Jesus Magnifies God’s Righteousness, 8/15

How the Ransom Saves Us, 8/15

Jehovah Is Our Sovereign Lord! 11/15

Jehovah’s Way of Ruling Vindicated! 1/15

Keep Building Up the Congregation, 6/15

“Keep Conquering the Evil” by Controlling Anger, 6/15

Keep On Seeking First “His Righteousness,” 10/15

Let “the Law of Loving-Kindness” Safeguard Your Tongue, 8/15

Men, Do You Submit to Christ’s Headship? 5/15

“Now Is the Especially Acceptable Time,” 12/15

One Flock, One Shepherd, 3/15

Our Active Leader Today, 9/15

Prove to Be a Real Follower of Christ, 1/15

Reap Blessings Through God’s Spirit-Guided King! 12/15

“Righteous Ones Will Shine as Brightly as the Sun,” 3/15

Satan’s Way of Ruling Sure to Fail, 1/15

Sing to Jehovah! 12/15

Skillfully Wield “the Sword of the Spirit,” 2/15

‘Speak the Word of God With Boldness,’ 2/15

Take the Lead in Honoring Fellow Believers? 10/15

“The Spirit and the Bride Keep On Saying: ‘Come!’” 2/15

‘The Spirit Searches Into the Deep Things of God,’ 7/15

Turn Your Eyes Away From Worthless Things! 4/15

Unity Identifies True Worship, 9/15

Walk by Spirit and Live Up to Your Dedication, 3/15

Welcome to the Best Way of Life! 2/15

We Shall Walk in Our Integrity! 11/15

What Jehovah’s Day Will Reveal, 7/15

“What Sort of Persons Ought You to Be!” 7/15

Who Can Deliver Those Crying for Help? 8/15

“Who Has Come to Know the Mind of Jehovah?” 10/15

Why Dedicate Yourself to Jehovah? 1/15

Women, Why Submit to Headship? 5/15

Young Ones​—Be Guided by God’s Word, 11/15

Young Ones​—Resist Peer Pressure, 11/15

Young Ones​—What Will You Do With Your Life? 11/15

Young People​—Strengthen Your Desire to Serve Jehovah, 4/15

“Your Leader Is One, the Christ,” 9/15