Never Too Late to Serve God

In Málaga, southern Spain, a mother and her daughter, both named Ana, got baptized on December 19, 2009. They were among the 2,352 people who took that step in Spain during 2009. But there was something unique about this mother and daughter​—their ages. They were 107 and 83 years old respectively!

What led them to baptism in symbol of their dedication to Jehovah? In the early 1970’s, a neighbor used to invite Ana​—the daughter—​to attend the Congregation Book Study held at the home of the Witness. Ana would attend from time to time. However, because of her secular work, Ana did not progress further.

About ten years later, some of Ana’s children started to study the Bible and in time became servants of Jehovah. One of them, Mari Carmen, finally rekindled her mother’s affection for Bible truth and helped her to accept a Bible study. Then, Mari Carmen’s grandmother, the older Ana, also began to show interest in the Bible. Eventually, ten members of this family took the step of baptism.

On the day of their baptism, the two Anas, mother and daughter, were beaming with joy. “Jehovah has been very good to me, allowing me to get to know him,” said the 107-year-old Ana. “Before the Paradise comes,” added her daughter, “I want to serve Jehovah, doing his will and preaching the good news as much as I can.”

What brings special joy to these two widows is attending the meetings. “They do not miss a single meeting,” says one of the elders in their congregation. “They are always ready to comment at the Watchtower Study.”

Their faithful example brings to mind a widow named Anna “who was never missing from the temple, rendering sacred service night and day with fastings and supplications.” This led to her having the privilege of seeing the young child Jesus. (Luke 2:36-38) At 84 years of age, Anna was not too old to serve Jehovah, and neither are her namesakes today.

Do you have relatives who are willing to listen to the message from the Bible? Or have you met an interested elderly person who is willing to listen to you when you call at his home? Such ones can become like the Anas in this experience, for it is never too late to begin to serve the true God, Jehovah.

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“Jehovah has been very good to me”

[Blurb on page 25]

“Before the Paradise comes, I want to serve Jehovah”