“It Helps Me to Reach the Hearts of People”

PORTO ALEGRE, a city in southern Brazil, some time ago hosted an international conference on social issues. Tens of thousands of people from 135 countries attended the event. During intermissions, a group of Witnesses from a congregation in Porto Alegre approached dozens of delegates in order to share with them the Bible’s Kingdom message. How did they communicate?

“We used the booklet Good News for People of All Nations,” relates Elizabete, a pioneer. She added: “Many of the delegates had never heard about the Kingdom good news, but they responded favorably to our message. We spoke with people from Bolivia, China, France, India, Israel, and Nigeria. For some delegates, we had Bible literature in their own language, which they gladly accepted.”

In Mexico a pioneer named Raúl also uses this booklet with good results. Some time ago, he approached an 80-year-old Arab man who had recently lost his wife in death. After the man read the page in the booklet that features the Kingdom message in Arabic, he shed tears of joy. Why? God’s promise that death will be no more, as stated at Revelation 21:3, 4, touched him deeply when he read it in his native tongue. On another occasion, while preaching informally, Raúl met a man who spoke Portuguese. That man too had lost a loved one in death​—his son. Raúl let him read the Portuguese-language page in the booklet. After reading it, the man indicated that he wanted to learn more about the Bible, and he accepted a Bible study.

Raúl has used Good News for People of All Nations to witness to those who speak Armenian, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Mixe, Persian, Russian, and Zapotec. He says: “I have seen how important it is to use this tool in my ministry. It helps me to reach the hearts of people even if I do not speak their language.”

As ever more people travel and live abroad, we have more opportunities to come in contact with those who speak another language. We will be able to share the Kingdom message with them by using the booklet Good News for People of All Nations. Do you carry it with you?

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Raúl with the booklet that helps him to reach people’s hearts