Do You Remember?

Have you appreciated reading the recent issues of The Watchtower? See if you can answer the following questions:

• Why is it so important that we keep our Christian integrity?

Keeping our integrity enables us to take our stand for Jehovah’s sovereignty out of love and to prove that Satan is a liar. Our integrity also provides a basis on which God can judge us and is, therefore, essential to our hope for the future.​—12/15, pages 4-6.

• What are some titles that reflect Jesus’ role in God’s purpose?

The only-begotten Son. The Word. The Amen. The Mediator of the new covenant. The High Priest. The promised Seed.​—12/15, page 15.

• Why is it significant that Elijah had his attendant look toward the sea while the prophet prayed for rain? (1 Ki. 18:43-45)

Elijah showed an awareness of the water cycle. Clouds that formed over the sea would move over the land, where they could produce rain.​—1/1, pages 15-16.

• How can we increase the joy we find in our ministry?

We can prepare our heart, focusing on how much we can help others. We can preach with a view to starting Bible studies. If we face apathy, we can adapt our approach to appeal to the interests of those in our territory.​—1/15, pages 8-10.

• Was the leprosy mentioned in the Bible the disease known today as leprosy?

The bacterial infection called leprosy did exist in Biblical times. (Lev. 13:4, 5) The Bible also speaks of leprosy that appeared in garments and houses. That “leprosy” may have referred to a type of mold or mildew. (Lev. 13:47-52)​—2/1, page 19.

• How should Bible teachings affect a Christian’s attitude and practices regarding funerals?

Though a Christian may mourn dead loved ones, he knows that the dead are unconscious. Even if unbelievers criticize him, he avoids customs linked with the belief that the dead can influence the living. To avoid problems, some Christians put in writing their instructions as to funeral arrangements.​—2/15, pages 29-31.

• According to Psalm 1:1, what are three things we must avoid if we are to be happy?

The verse mentions “the counsel of the wicked ones,” “the way of sinners,” and “the seat of ridiculers.” Yes, to be happy, we need to turn away from those who ridicule or ignore God’s laws. Instead, we should delight in the law of Jehovah.​—3/1, page 17.

• Are “the book of Jashar” and “the book of the Wars of Jehovah” lost books of the Bible? (Josh. 10:13; Num. 21:14)

No. It seems that they were uninspired documents that existed in Bible times and were referred to by Bible writers.​—3/15, page 32.

• What significant change was made to a modern translation of the Bible in Latin?

In 1979, Pope John Paul II approved the Nova Vulgata, a new translation in Latin. The first edition contained the divine name, Iahveh, in some places. (Ex. 3:15; 6:3) However, when the second official edition was published in 1986, Dominus [Lord] was put in place of Iahveh.​—4/1, page 22.