The New Study Edition of The Watchtower

THE magazine that you are reading is the first issue of the study edition of The Watchtower. We would like to explain some of the features of the new format of this magazine.

The study edition is published for Jehovah’s Witnesses and progressive Bible students. It will appear once a month and will contain either four or five study articles. The schedule for considering these study articles is printed on the cover of the magazine. Unlike the public edition of The Watchtower, the study edition will not have different cover illustrations for each issue, since it will not be offered in the field ministry.

On page 2 of the magazine, you will find a very helpful short summary of the purpose of each study article or series as well as a list of the secondary articles. Watchtower Study conductors will find that feature very helpful as they prepare for a meaningful discussion of the articles at the congregation meeting.

You will notice that the study articles are a little shorter than they were previously. As a result, more time is allowed for the consideration of key scriptures during the Watchtower Study. We warmly encourage you to look up all the cited scriptures each week. Some cited scriptures are marked “read” and should be read and discussed during the Watchtower Study. Other scriptures may also be read as time allows. In some articles, you may find scriptures marked “compare.” Since such scriptures do not directly prove the main points in the paragraph, they will usually not be read at the congregation meeting. Still, “compare” scriptures do contain interesting supplementary information, or they may provide indirect support for the points under discussion. We encourage you to check them while preparing for the Watchtower Study. Perhaps you will be able to refer to them in your comments.

The annual report will no longer appear in The Watchtower. Starting in 2008, it will appear as an insert in Our Kingdom Ministry as well as in the Yearbook. However, as indicated above, the study edition does include secondary articles. Although many of these will not be discussed at a congregation meeting, you are encouraged to read them carefully. They too contain spiritual food from “the faithful and discreet slave.”​—Matt. 24:45-47.

Finally, the study edition and the public edition of The Watchtower are not two different magazines. They are both The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom. They have on page 2 identical paragraphs explaining the purpose of The Watchtower. Both will be included in the annual bound volume. And material from both will be found in the “Do You Remember?” feature, which will be published in the study edition.

Since 1879, through periods of war, economic hardship, and persecution, The Watchtower has faithfully proclaimed truths about God’s Kingdom. We pray that with Jehovah’s blessing, it will continue to do so in its new format. And we pray that Jehovah will bless you, the reader, as you make good use of the new study edition of The Watchtower.