What Kind of Education Can Make Your Life a Success?

HAVE you ever been so overwhelmed by problems that you felt as though you were drowning in a whirlpool? Just imagine how much suffering could result if you made a mistake in coping with one or more of those problems! No one is born with the ability to solve all problems successfully, making good decisions every time. This is where education comes in. Where can you get education to prepare yourself to cope with life’s problems?

Many, both young and old, extol the importance of an academic education. Some experts even say that they “fully believe that you will never be able to find a [decent] job without a college degree.” Yet, there are a number of human needs that go beyond material achievements. For instance, does higher learning help you to be a good parent, mate, or friend? For that matter, people admired for their intellectual achievements may develop undesirable personality traits, fail in their family life, or even end up committing suicide.

Some look to religion for guidance, a source of education, but become disappointed because of not receiving practical help to face life’s difficulties. Illustrating this, Emilia * from Mexico says: “It was 15 years ago that I felt that my husband and I simply could not be together any longer. We argued all the time. I couldn’t get him to stop drinking. I frequently had to leave our small children by themselves while I went looking for my husband. I was emotionally worn out. Several times I went to church seeking something that might help me find a solution. Although the Bible was occasionally used, I never heard any counsel that directly dealt with my situation; neither did anyone approach me to tell me what to do. Sitting in church for a while and repeating some prayers did not satisfy me.” Others may become disillusioned when they see how far their own spiritual leaders are from living an exemplary life. As a result, many lose confidence in religion as a source of training or education for a successful life.

Therefore, you might ask yourself, ‘What kind of education should I obtain in order to make my life a success?’ Does true Christianity have the answer to this important question? This will be discussed in the following article.


^ par. 4 Name has been changed.