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Praising Jehovah at School

Praising Jehovah at School

 Praising Jehovah at School

AROUND the world, young Witnesses of Jehovah are finding ways to praise God at school​—by means of both their speech and their conduct. Note some experiences that illustrate their youthful zeal.

A young Witness in Greece was assigned to write a report on the pollution of the earth’s atmosphere. After looking in the Watch Tower Publications Index, she found useful material in the Awake! magazine, crediting it as her source at the conclusion of her essay. Her teacher told her that it was one of the best essays she had ever read. The teacher later used the information at a seminar, with good results. The young sister thus decided to offer the teacher more issues of Awake! including one featuring the series “Teachers​—What Would We Do Without Them?” The teacher later praised the Awake! magazine in class, and some other students began asking for copies. The sister had to bring copies of the magazine to school so that they could read other issues.

In Benin, Africa, a teenage Christian faced an unusual type of pressure. According to custom, the parents of a number of students in her school got together to hire tutors for difficult subjects in order to prepare the youths for exams. However, the tutors chose Saturday mornings for the sessions. The young Witness objected: “Saturday morning is the time when the whole congregation preaches together. It is the happiest time of the week for me, and I would not trade it for anything!” Her father, a single parent and a Witness himself, agreed and tried to get one group of parents and tutors to change the schedule. However, they all refused. The young girl decided to do without the tutoring. She engaged in preaching with her congregation instead. Her classmates ridiculed her, urging her to give up her witnessing case and her God as well. They were quite sure that she would fail the exams. As it turned out, though, that group of tutored students failed, whereas our young sister passed. Needless to say, the mockery ceased. Now the students are telling her, “You should continue to serve your God.”

In the Czech Republic, a 12-year-old girl had to prepare a book report. Her mother urged her to use the book The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. She began her report with the questions: “What do you think? Who could be the greatest man who ever lived?” She described Jesus, his life on earth, and his teachings. Then she discussed the chapter entitled “A Lesson in Forgiveness.” Her teacher exclaimed, “That is the best report I have ever heard from you!” and gratefully accepted a copy of the book. Some fellow students also wanted a copy. The next day, the girl was thrilled to distribute 18 copies.

Such young ones are finding great joy in praising Jehovah at school. All of us do well to imitate their youthful zeal.