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A Tragedy Strikes

A Tragedy Strikes

 A Tragedy Strikes

OWEN, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy, was playing in the bathroom of his home. He managed to climb up to a medicine cabinet that his parents believed was beyond his reach. Among its contents, he discovered a bottle that caught his attention. He opened it and drank the liquid inside. Tragedy struck.

The bottle contained a corrosive acid, and sadly, young Owen died. His parents were heartbroken. His father, Percy, sought comfort from his church. “Why did this happen?” he asked. The clergyman answered, “God wanted another little angel in heaven.” Devastated, the bereaved parent felt that this was completely unjust. Had God really intended that such a tragedy occur? Disillusioned, Percy decided to have nothing more to do with his church.

Reflecting on what had happened, Percy wondered: ‘Is my little boy still in pain? Will I ever see him again?’

You too may have wondered what happens at death and whether it will be possible to be reunited with dead loved ones in the future. God’s Word, the Bible, sheds light on these questions. Its pages contain clear and comforting answers for all who have faced similar tragedies. More than that, it reveals a glorious prospect that God has promised​—the resurrection.

Please read the following article to learn more about this marvelous hope.